Sunday, April 25, 2010

Around the UC: No suspension for Hossa

Colin Campbell (NHL Senior Vice President of Hockey Operations):

"I have made the decision that this play does not warrant supplemental discipline after considering all of the facts, including reviewing the video and speaking with Mr. Hossa," said Campbell. "This play is distinguishable from recent incidents by a number of factors, including the degree of contact involved; the fact that the consequences of the play do not appear to be as severe; that this was a hockey play involving a race for the puck; that Mr. Hossa is not a repeat offender; and that the call of a major penalty by the referee was significant and appropriate."

Madden: "They're going to come out flying," he said. "They're fighting for their lives. It's an elimination game. If we win, they're out. They're going to be at their best, (and) we've got to be at our best in order to compete with them. I hope that's not overlooked."

Coach Q: "The way it looked … it looked bleak there for awhile. We want to go into this building tomorrow in the right frame of mine, knowing that maybe we were fortunate but you've got to earn your breaks going forward. We can't expect them to give it to us. We've got to go out and earn it."

Hammer on Niemi and the Puck: "It was a pretty weird situation. Never been on the ice for that one before. I thought Antti was going to take all his clothes and all his gear off. That was a pretty fun situation and the crowd liked it, too. Pretty big roar right there."

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Coach Q


-If the Hawks win tomorrow, they will play the Canucks in the second round. This should be interesting to say the least...


  1. If Blackhawks win tonight and move onto Canucks, I would like to see the green men show up for at least one game.

    Yes, I know they cheer for the Canucks, but hey, it would be funny. I wonder what Burish and the rest of them would think.

  2. OMG! I LOVE those guys! Too funny!