Saturday, April 17, 2010

Around the UC: Playoff Love

Coach Q did the line shuffle today at practice and guess who's back together?

The Bromance. Duncs and Seabs. DuncBrook.

Duncs on being back with his bro: "It’s back to the same old."

Duncs on being able to read Seabs mind: "I don't know anything he's thinking, let alone on the ice."

That wasn't the only change of the day:

-Ladd skated on the first line with Toews/Hossa. Ladd: "Hopefully I can provide some energy and a spark, maybe some physicality and get to the net for them."
-Sharp went to the second line with Bolland/Kane
-Brouwer went to the third line with Versteeg/Madden.
-Fourth line stayed the same.
-With Seabs and Duncs back together, Buff was with Hendry.
-Soupy practiced again but will not play tomorrow. He will be seeing the doctor tomorrow. Soupy: "I'm getting better every day. You have your good days and bad days. (Saturday) was a good day."

The Lines:

Ladd, Toews, Hossa
Sharp, Bolland, Kane
Brouwer, Madden, Versteeg
Eager, Fraser, Kopecky

The line shuffling isn't that surprising and I don't see it as a terrible move by Coach Q.
It also seems everyone is aware of the changes even Trotz: "I got a good idea why. We'll do what we do. I don't expect the Hawks to change their whole system."

Coach Q after Practice: 

Toews after Practice:

And Ladd after Practice:

Last note: 
Blackhawks Twitter on the reunion: "Reunited and it feels so good? Thunder and Lightning aka Keith and Seabs may be back together Sunday as well."


  1. I hope the line shuffles help. I didn't mind the way the first line played, they're pretty good together, but Kane wasn't doing very well with Bolland and Brouwer, hopefully Sharpie will change that.

  2. I agree with you on the first line. I thought Toews and Hossa were the only ones who were really trying their hardest through out the whole game. And I can definitely see these new lines working out. I hope.