Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bring it! It's already been broughten!

The game started something like this...

It was a key game for the Blackhawks. They needed to beat their archenemy the Wings to win the top seed in the West. The high energy first was pretty even between both teams. A lot of back and forth going on with some solid chances. A cluster of a Hawks and Wings mess was in front of the net. What came out of this? A Bolland powerplay goal with help from Captain Toews! Quickly after Sharp was sent to the box for Hooking. It was a chance for Niemi to have some sweet saves and for the Hawks to have a nice penalty kill. Seven shots and a goal to end a lovely first. 

Intermission: Bolland interview
A new EPIC commercial: Harris Bank starring Seabs!
Weird siting: A life size Hawks chocolate statue


A Detroit turnover led to a wonderful chance for Sharp but man he has been missing those lately. Toews also got a touch on it. Eaves tied the game for Detroit. Poop. A Norris Trophy move: Keith with a gorgeous sprawling stick. Hawks end the second with a surprisingly good powerplay. Quick shots by the defense that were just beautiful. Game still tied but Hawks dominated with 16 shots to a lousy 3 for Detroit. 

Kane almost scored but its called for offsides. So Kane just shot the puck and crowd thought he was just blowing it. Rafalski scored for the Wings but later got credited to Holmstrom. Fraz just dazzled the crowd again with a tying goal. Hossa added to the dazzling with a sweet pass. Jelly drawed a penalty, Hawks powerplay with about 3 mins left in the third. Toews! Ahh! He hit the crossbar. It was so frickin close! The last minute can only be described as stressful, has me wondering how I'm gonna make it through the playoffs. 

Only one thing could happen next OVERTIME! Versteeg/Kane/Seabrook almost won it but came up short. 

Detroit wins 3-2.

Hawks didn't win the west.

But what a fabulous season for the Hawks! Lets have an even more fabulous post season.


Time for the Blackhawks to take over Chicago!

Post-game reactions from @CSNChi_Beatnik:

Madden post: "Anybody who's watched hockey over the past 20 years knows that you have to go through Detroit to win the Cup."

Toews post: "For us to finish the season [6-0-1] is huge but we hate to lose this way in our own house."

Toews, about what's different this year: "We know we'll hit a rough patch. Last year's [playoff] experience kicks in when you hit that."

Toews on 1st round: "There are a lot of tough teams out there. In the first round it doesn't matter who we play--it's how we play."

You think you'll see the Wings in the playoffs again, Kane? "I'm sure that'll happen. They're definitely a force to be reckoned with."

Kane on what's different this year: "We're not going to surprise anyone this year. We're happy everyone thinks we should win."

Madden: "To finish third in the whole league is good. Now the next season begins. I'm over [DET loss] already."

Doesn't sound like Q sits Fraser for playoffs again: "Fras gives us a lot of versatility & options" Q also thinks Brouw will be back for G1

abcock on the strength of Howard and Niemi in goal: "Neither guy has won one playoff game, have they?"

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