Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Crack open a can of Campell because Soupy's back!

The magic of the playoffs has come upon the Blackhawks:

Campbell returned to practice with the team today. His first time since getting bulldozed by Ovechkin. He will also be going to Nashville with the team. Even better news, Coach Q didn't say no to Campbell making a later appearance in the series. 

According to Blackhawks Twitter, Campbell will meet with the team doctors this week. 

This video is in honor of Soupy, one of my favorite moments of him:

Ice cream!

It is also my favorite video for other reasons too


  1. I can't understand a single word or Soupy's Finnish! And I'm Finnish! I laughed my ass off trying to figure out what he ate xD Still clueless about that :D

    Had to comment :D


  2. I didn't even know he was trying to speak Finnish! haha