Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Doesn't even deserve a title.

Thank god, Eddie O was back tonight. Couldn't take anymore of Steve Konroyd.

Pre-game interview: Patrick Kane.

Nashville came out aggressive and put the pressure on the Hawks early. Steeger with smooth stick-handling and good speed sticks one to Rinne. But was denied after a nice pad save by the 'other' finnish goalie. Kopecky and the rest of the fourth line got in a scuffle in front of the bench. Eventually led to a elbowing penalty on Kopecky. Lots of hits and physical play by the Preds which makes for a fast paced first. Madden with a huge chance, that fails to go in. Completely clueless on how that didn't get in. Must be finnish magic. Steeger aggressive with the puck in front of the Nashville net with some bad puck handling by Rinne. Hawks with a good first penalty kill. Niemi with two quick saves, Rinne tried one upping him with a diving save. Another damn powerplay for Nashville. Breakaway for JP Dumbass but failed with a great stop by Niemi. Niemi made the first save then Ward comes back from behind and scored. Hard to make that one for Niemi, defense needs to be there. Here we go again, third penalty in a row for the Hawks. Stupid penalty high elbow by Versteeg. To much pressure early on for Niemi, Hawks needed to quit it with the dumb penalties. It's a good thing the Hawks are pros at the penalty kill. They kill this one thanks to the help of the duo, Niemi and Sopel. High hit on Kane led to the Hawks first powerplay. With a redirect by Versteeg, Kopecky tied it up 1-1 with a pp goal. Seems has if the Hawks and Preds had switched places on the dumb penalties. Klein called for slashing, on to another Hawks powerplay. First ends with 5 seconds left in the pp. Hawks were outshot by the Preds 13-7. Big physical first for Nashville, 16 hits! Hawks with 5 hits, they need to be more aggressive on the physical play. 

Intermission: Kopecky interview.
I discovered Duncs also has a Harris Bank commercial like Seabs. Love those commercials. Youtube needs to step up and put those up. 

The Hawks started the game with three penalties, now they can welcome the Preds to the 3 penalties club. Interference called on Ward. Niemi not quick enough to move from left to right. Legward scored Nashville's second goal right after the Hawks powerplay ended. Hawks penalty kill, Eager called for interference. Might as well call this the game of penalties, 4 0n 4 after Preds are called for holding Bolland's stick. You know the game is not too pretty when you help the other team score. Hossa helped Weber score when the puck deflected off his stick. This was perfect time for Seabrook to get his revenge on Weber for taking his Olympic minutes. Steeger has shown up big time in the playoffs but Rinne keeps taking his chances away from. Rinne clearly has stepped up his game since the first period. The enthusiastic crowd seems to be a huge factor in the game so far. Who knew? Hawks end the second down 3-1. They continued to get outshot 22-17. Hawks never get outshot. This concerns me. 

Intermission: Sharp needs to bring out his pre-game tennis ball and throw it at each of the player's heads. Last time I checked this wasn't floor hockey in middle school with mesh colored t-shirts. This is the playoffs.

The third was shit. Duncan Keith was working his ass through out the period. That needed to be pointed out. Buff screwed up and got called for Hooking. It led to a penalty shot. With the way the game was going it was surprising Erat made it. The Hawks were down by 4-1. The crowd was annoying as hell as well as the Hawks. I'm so sick of hearing about Pekka Rinne or whatever his name.

Hawks lost. sweet.


  1. Find it interesting Q said this before the game (per your previous entries):

    Coach Q: "I don’t think you want to be overly creative, especially on the road. I think that’s kind of the recipe when we’re playing them on the road. That has to be the mindset [Tuesday night]."

    .... and then he keeps shuffling the lines like he's playing 5-card stud.

    If he would simply stick with lines that work and are comfortable together, and stop trying to second-guess the competition, and let the players get down to business, this sloppy play would undoubtedly happen much less.

    I think the players are less concerned about what's going on in the net, and more confused by the way they get thrown on the ice willy-nilly.

  2. I completely agree and I love that you pointed out that quote. During the game, I couldn't even point out the lines. He's been to messy and random with the lines, lately.

  3. I couldn't watch the game so I can't really tell, but it looks like one of the lines was Kopecky/Sharp/Hossa? So Kane was probably playing with Toews again. I don't get the line shuffles either. They were playing pretty good on Sunday.
    From highlights it looks like our defense didn't good a very good job once again. Weird is that the first two goals were while DuncBrook was on ice and those two were definitely a defense fault.
    Anyway, Hawks, please wake up! For me?

    And thanks for cheering me up with the MTV Sixteen and pregnant thing, that made my day :D

  4. Yeah, the third period is when Coach Q did the line shuffle. So confusing.

    Yeah, the defense wasn't on their game last night. I think they need to be more aggressive and intimidate the opponents more. Buff should step up on that.

    I also think Burish should play on thursday, maybe he can spark something.

    haha I'm glad you liked the comment :)

  5. Yeah, maybe Burish can bring the energy they're lacking... He deserves a chance. And Buff was playing like sh** the last two games, I'm very disappointed.

  6. The thing that pisses me off about Buff is that he only plays when he cares. The last two games he has just been lazy. Its the playoffs!