Friday, April 9, 2010

The Facts with a little Frazzle here and a little Dazzle there..

Recap: No shootout this time around

-Fraz Dazzles the crowd in Colorado with some smooth stick work. Unfortunately, for Colorado it was in favor of the Hawks 1-0!

-With Hawks powerplays most of us want to cover our eyes and save ourself from witnessing the damage. But eyes were wide open for this one and maybe even some jaw dropping. Toews with a little help from Kane scored a Hawks powerplay goal. I repeat a Hawks POWERPLAY goal. Sounds nice doesn't it?

-The first act ends with a beautiful 2-0 performance by the Hawks.

-Sharpy took his sexy show on the road with a wink to the crowd and a puck in the net. 

-Versteeg a little late on the fight that should of happened last game for the Gordie Howe hat trick. He dropped the gloves with Tucker and that is all they did was just drop their gloves. Refs interfered before anything could happen. Thats no fun. Tucker ended up getting it to him with an unsportsmanlike conduct while going after Steeger.

-Ryan Stoa made it 3-1 with his first NHL goal. Too bad that Hawks make it not mean anything since they won.

-Hawks bow out of the second act 3-1. 

-I was hoping I wouldn't have to type the name Tucker again in this recap but he scored 3-2.

-Fraz must be going all Edward Cullen on goalies lately and dazzling them. He scored his second goal of the game. Go get em Frazzle Dazzle!

-Empty net is never a good situation to be in, unless you're the other team! Versteeg kept up his scoring streak with an empty netter. 

-The Hawks avoided an Avalanche. The game came to an end with a Hawks 5-2 win! 

-If you're freaked out by numbers you might be interested in knowing it was the Hawks 52 win! Put two and two together. Weird. 

-The power assisters: Kopecky had to two. Toews had one and a goal. Oh and Seabrook had one, just had to mention it. 

-30 saves for consistent Niemi. 

-Another franchise record came out of tonight, 23 road wins!

-We will not be facing the Red Wings in the first round. It's impossible. So we wait. Hopefully, we will be waiting a long time since the Wings won't be making it out of the first round. :)

-Hawks are extremely close to being the first in the West. Choices: Sharks lose on Saturday, Coyotes need to win in regulation or Hawks win on Sunday. Both would be quite nice. 

-Fraser on the possibility of getting a Hat Trick: "I couldn’t. I just got off the ice. Two is enough. You can’t get too greedy out there." (who even knew Fraser had that possibility.)

-"Dustin Byfuglien was bothering Hossa as he gave postgame interviews. Hossa was asked if he prefers Byufglien on the point or in front of the net on the power play. "I Like Buff on the point because he has a hard shot. He just has to know where he’s shooting it," Hossa said with a straight face." - Source


  1. "Fraz must be going all Edward Cullen on goalies lately and dazzling them."

    ROFL... I could care less about Twilight, but that one made me laugh. :)

  2. hahaha I couldn't not mention Edward while writing about dazzling!