Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Frazzle Dazzle Surprise!

Ceremonial face off with Kane, Modano, and 1980 Team USA goalie Jim Craig.


Hossa knocked down the puck in midair and put one in for a 1-0 lead. That was all done within the first 36 seconds. A not so happy Burish with a goaltender inference but it was a rather bad questionable call. Versteeg had a chance on a shortie but ironically came up short. Bolland seems to be coming back to full strength with a nice backcheck to break up a possible breakaway. Niemi continued to be solid as he sprawled out for a save. He just says no! Seabrook with an absolute blast and Fraser tipped it in to finish it. Seabs with the work, Fraser with the credit. Goal to start the first 30 seconds of the first and a goal to finish the last 30 seconds of the first. Hawks led scoring 2-0 and shots 15-5 at the end of the period. 

Intermission: Hossa interview.

Random Fact: Hendry's grandpa was in attendance to watch Hendry play for the first time. It was also his first NHL game in 49 years. 


Keith called for Delay of the game. Hossa to Toews and Toews to in between the legs of the Dallas goalie for the 3rd Hawks goal. Shortly after Keith's penalty, Seabrook received the same one. That can only mean one thing: The bromance connection, if they can't play together they'll box together. Or it could also mean stupid penalties, either one. Unfortunately, the reunion caused a Dallas goal by Ott. Another penalty for too many men on the ice. The list went on as Buff was called for tripping. Big Buff's breakaway was also denied. End of the period scare: Niemi with a turnover and caught out of position by Dallas but Niemi moves fast. And he said NO! Once again Hawks led in scoring 3-1 as well as in shots 27-17. 


Fraser not only scored his second goal but doubled his goals in one game. He net his second after a Dallas turnover. The surprises don't stop there, Sopel had an assist. Burish helped out his wingman Kane in a big way for the Hawks fifth goal. Kane was rather surprised to say the least. That's the 30th goal for the golden boy and the second assist on the night for Bur. No man is perfect, Niemi graciously gave Dallas a pity goal. 

Hawks win 5-2! The 50th win of the season sets a franchise record! Niemi's 24th win! I believe they call this a WINNING TEAM!

Now time to take over the West!

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