Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hawks win the egg hunt.

Kopecky was fast and found the first egg within the first minutes of the egg hunt. It was Kopecky's 10th find of the season. Niemi made some solid saves through out the first especially against Iginla's deviled eggs. Versteeg helped Niemi by sticking his skate out and blocking a hard boiled egg. The flames basket was knocked over after Kane was deliberately pushed into it but it eventually lead to a Hawks powerplay. Seabrook colored the egg to the basket and Brouwer finished it off with a nice design making it 2 eggs for the Hawks. 

Intermission: "What it means to be a White Sox" will premiere on WGN at 7pm. The Cubs have one too if you're into that kind of trash.
Hammer interview: 1st period, an assist and a couple blocked eggs.

Kane started the second with sparkle by adding a little spin-o-rama action. A smirking Eager made the egg hunt even more colorful with some shit talking. The crowd was well represented by Pierzynski and Beckham. Another spectacular siting, an oblivious Flames goalie sitting on the bench had a bubble thought sign above him "I wish I was a Hawk." Sharp was so close yet again to a find when he had a breakaway but missed. BOOM! Kane made quite the beautiful egg and hid it on the top shelf out of Kipper's reach. Hendry gave away the hiding spot of Niemi's goose egg. It was taken by a Flame for their first egg in the basket. The fourth line (Eager, Fraser) got a little feisty at times over the protection of their basket. That ended the second egg hunt: 3 eggs for the Hawks and 1 for the Flames. 

Intermission: Brouwer interview. 
I've heard people talking about Luke Wilson's lack of movies of late because of the ATT commercials. But there is so damn many of those commercials that they basically add up to the length of a movie. 

The third period is where the recap gets a little fuzzy because the family came over.  The easter baskets needed to opened and the eggs needed to be found. What I know: Buff layed a big one in the basket. 

The Hawks win the Easter egg hunt 4-1!

They now go by the name: 2010 Central Division Champions! You can get the brand new wallpaper here

Post-game videos:




The Easter Bunny himself, Coach Q

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