Monday, April 26, 2010

Hawks win, now on to the Canucks!

1st: Scoring

Duncs scored quickly after a penalty kill. Dunc' first goal of the playoffs:

Weber had to be the ruiner and tied the game 1-1:

SEABS! Seabrook made it ten times better with a beast shot off the boards from center ice. It was awesome. Then they have to go and ruin it by crediting the goal to Kane. Whatever, it went off his skate. It was all Biscuit:

Seabs: “I wasn’t trying to put it in the net. I was trying to rim it around the net and Kane was standing in the way. I wanted him to get out of the way so I could get it good and luckily it went off his foot and went in.” (source)

Sharpy got in on the action with a goal of his own. Wasn't a pretty one, crowded net but 3-1 Hawks:

Hammer called for slashing and Arnott scored the Preds first pp goal of the series:

The emotional roller coaster continued when the Preds tied the game 3-3:

Hawks go to the powerplay late in the first and Toews scored a rebound putting the Hawks back on top 4-3:

Intermission: Duncs interview

2nd: Penalties

Hawks had possession of the puck while the whistle blew for too many men for the Preds. Not cool refs, not cool.

Sopel got a little beat up after getting a high stick to the face (10 stitches). Hawks got four minutes on that one.

Sopel:“Took a stick. It’s OK. I think my modeling career is on hold anyways right now.” (source)

3rd: A Win

Buff called for interference with a stupid play.

Rinne pulled with a minute left.

Last Seconds: Preds called timeout, Toews won an important faceoff, Seabs with a good play, and Madden with an empty netter:


Post-game moment: Toews gave his stick away to a kid (aww).

Sharpy won the belt: "It feels good to hold this. It could have gone to almost anyone on the team. It was an incredible team effort." (source)

Hawks take the series 4-2 with a 5-3 win.

Post-game Video:


Watch the all of the post-game videos: here

Round 2: Bring on the Creepy Twins and the Green Men: The Canucks!

First two games will be at the United Center this Friday and Sunday. Check out the rest of the schedule: here

The boys on Vancouver:

Sharpy: "It was a lot of fun last year. What's that they say about familiarity, it breeds contempt. That's about it."

Toews on chi/van media: "As soon as someone breaks their fingernail, it becomes a story. Players even talk to each other about that"

Hossa:"I watched other [PO] games last yr when I wasn't playing. I knew how tough it was. It was that way in reg. season too"

Soupy: "These are the rivalries you love, and there's not a lot of love lost between us."

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