Saturday, April 24, 2010

Heart Attack


History will be made commercial: Patrick Kane's hat trick, What if you still had your favorite hat? (chills)

Corey Crawford was called up because Rockford's season is over. Hendry, Fraser, and Eager were all scratches. Hornqvist was also scratched for the Preds.

Duncan Keith interview and Toews interview.

Spotted: Seabs fluff or as Sharp likes to call it Seabs' loaf of bread. It's a thing of beauty.

NBC Fail: No coverage on the national anthem.

1st period:

High energy and high intensity start for the Hawks. Few minutes in, Legwand (so sick of hearing that name) scored off the post. No chance for Niemi, as he was being screened by Ward. Good opportunity for the Hawks, went off Sharpy's stick. JP Dumbass hit the cross bar and acted like a Dumbass when he thought he had it in. NBC Fail: terrifying voices coming out of the TV, what was that? Seabrook shot the puck and Ladd put in. It was beautiful for so many reasons. Bromance Celebration: Laddy boy and Steeger, "Carry me Laddy." NBC Fail: No sound on the goal. Coach Q interview, Pierre Mcguire to close for comfort. Why can't NBC's sound go out when Mcguire is talking? Rinne left the net and Hawk took advantage by putting pressure on the Preds. Eventually, leads to Jelly's first playoff goal! A new romance: Niemi and the Puck.
The riveting romantic comedy:

End of the 1st, Hawks up 2-1!

Intermission: Patrick Kane interview

Bolland called for tripping on JP Dumbass. NBC Fail: More scary voices coming from the TV. Sharp and Madden teamed
up for a chance at a shortie but were denied by Rinne. The Preds had a total of zero shots during their powerplay. And we
thought the Hawks powerplay was weak. Try to keep up with the next several penalties. Legwand got called for Hooking
which led to the Hawks first powerplay. Now 4 on 4 after Kane (interference) couldn't control his stick or Suter needs to
watch where he skates. Hamhuis called for tripping Toews, 4 on 3. Suter joined my hate list after he cross checked Toews.
He was obviously in pain on the bench and no call by the refs. Not cool. Kane had a chance when he came out of the box.
Seabs called for interference, 4 0n 3. I promise that's it for the penalties, for now. Toews back on the ice, no worries.
SEABROOK! is a beast. He had an absolute gorgeous hit on Erat. I swear my heart grew twice its size after it. Even knocked
off Erat's helmet. Hawks were all over the Preds net. Apparently, too many of them. They got called for too many men on the
ice after a strong shift. Finally, Pierre Mcguire's mic was off while interviewing Trotz. Now only if the TV would of blacked out,
Trotz is not a very good looking human being. Kopecky came flying out of the box and bam! Hawks took a 3-1 lead. Hawks go to the
powerplay, hooking for Smithsen. Preds' Ward scored a shortie, Kane's fault on that one. End of the 2nd, 3-2 Hawks.

ERAT! tied it up in the 3rd. I thought that would be the worst of it, little did I know. Legwand called for tripping on Hossa.
One nerve-racking powerplay! Sharp with a close shot, missed an open net. NO! Erat! Preds took the lead. Anger and sadness
started to take over. One sign: I was screaming for the annoying post-game reminder scroll to get off the screen. One minute left,
empty net for the Hawks. Anger once again took over after Hossa was called for Boarding. He had a nasty hit on a Preds player,
drove him right into the boards. With just seconds left, literally seconds KANE SCORES THE TYING GOAL! Holy shit! At that very
moment Kane was god! I've never been more excited for overtime in my life. Hawks went into overtime with 4 mins to kill.



Felt like I played in that one, I need a nap.

More on the game later! Including some nice photos taken at the game!


  1. Oh my god! You're right with the title there, I thought I'd get a heart attack too. Really exciting game. Niemi was hilarious with that puck. (One guy posted on Fb something like: "I think the referee stucking a hand down Niemi's pants has thrown him off his game." I think he might be right :D)
    And when Hossa got the penalty I seriously thought it was over. What an idiotic move by Marian, at the time I was almost yelling "Stupid Hossa!" and he's my favorite player :D I guess he knew our pp sucks and wanted to make sure we score :D Seriously, the Hawks would have never scored 6 on 5. And his winning goal was just awesome. I'm glad he finally scored and that it was such an important goal.
    Anyway, Hawks were playing well last night and if it wasn't for those two mistakes (Kane, Bolland), the Preds would have never gotten it to overtime, so we deserved to win. :)

  2. Agreed!

    Can not get over Niemi and the puck. Hilarious.
    I thought for sure the game was over when Hossa got the penalty too.