Monday, April 5, 2010

It's Black and White (with a little bit of Red)

(I took this, isn't it pretty?)

The glorious season of Baseball started today with White Sox Opening Day. To make the day even sweeter Seabs, Duncs, Toews, and Kane all threw out the first pitch. Their skills on the mound may be lacking but they can sure pull off the black and white.

I would say this is their second best look next to the indian sweater.

I was at the game in the outfield, so my pictures aren't the greatest:

The Cell also has a new segment called the Zamboni Race:
The race is between Toews, Kane, and Keith. Kane won today as you can see.


"It's hard throwing with a gold medal around your neck."- Seabs 

Who's the best baseball player?: "I would probably say me."- Duncs
It's also good to know he picked the right team: "Oh yeah, I've been to a lot of White Sox games. It's a great ballpark and a great team. I always have a lot of fun coming to these games."- Duncs 

(as always if video doesn't show, go here)

Last Note: After the game was over, all the Sox fans started chanting "Detroit Sucks!"
I think this is a start of a beautiful friendship!

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