Friday, April 23, 2010

“Just to be nominated is a huge honor."

Keith's reaction to Norris:

-Blackhawks TV: Duncan Keith Norris Trophy Finalist

-ESPNChicago: Keith is a finalist for Norris Trophy

Coach Q: “I think he’s had a special year. He’s one of those players you have to admire how he competes. His quickness, agility, anticipation and thought process defensively evolved and continued to get better and improved in his career. 

Coach Q: “Offensively, he rose his game to another level. He had the puck a lot, helped our power play, helped our special teams, influenced us in our puck-possession game. He was complete in all aspects. Look at his number and the way he played, and I think he’s very deserving.”

Keith: “It’s obviously a huge honor. [I’m] pretty proud. A lot of hard work and I can’t say enough, it’s a huge honor. It’s great to be nominated.

Keith on Seabs: “I’ve played a lot with him. He’s helped me out a ton. I think we play pretty good together."

Keith: “Just to be nominated is a huge honor. You look at other people that have been nominated and other people who have won it, it’s a special category. One that I’m proud to be a part of.” 

Keith: "I just wanted to play in the NHL and be part of the League."

Keith: "Obviously when there's some talk (about it), it starts entering your mind and you start to think, 'Well, maybe there is a chance. No matter what happens, it's just great to be nominated. If you look at other people who've been nominated and others who have won it, it's a pretty special category and one that I'm very proud to be a part of."

Keith: "That's the beauty of it all. It's about the teammates and how your team is doing. You get these kinds of nominations or awards when the team is good."

-Thought I would throw this one in for old times sake:

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