Friday, April 23, 2010

Nemo and Sharp Attack swim to a win!

Soupy was back! Burish and Bickell also played and it was Bickell's first playoff game. Hendry, Fraser, and Eager ended up getting scratched. Buff remained on defense.

Pre-game: Toews interview

Duncs started off the game a little rough with a couple turnovers. Unfortunately, the rare poor play would continue for him. Buff shot one at the goal and it was an open net for Sopel. Rinne used his Finnish magic and the chance was missed. Sharp got called for Slashing right as Kopecky got a face full of stick. Kopecky was clearly in pain but the Preds got lucky and did not get a penalty. The period was full of hits, lots of hits. At the start of the game, Seabrook led the series in hits with 11. Hawks went to their first powerplay after Bickell made a nice play and was taken down. Hawks attacked the net and Sharp got one in for a powerplay goal! Kopecky with an ugly hit on Klein, straight into the boards. He got away with just Boarding (2 mins). Make it two in the box. Bolland called for Delay of the game to make it 5 0n 3. Just stupid. The Preds helped us out a bit when Legwand was called for goaltender interference. It was a huge kill for the Hawks. Weber had a killer shot but Sopel and his back were all over the blocked shots. End of the first, remained 1-0 Hawks on top. Shot even at 11-11. 

Intermission: Sharp interview
Vince Vaughn was in Nashville for the game, decked out in Hawks gear. 
Pat Foley told a story during the game that a 12 year old boy died on his bike while trying to get home for a Hawks game. Very sad.

Nsync started off the second over the speakers with Dirty Pop. I can't complain on that one, its a classic. Rinne made a diving save on Burish rebound. Brouwer was smacked down by Preds in front of the net after the play. Another turnover for Keith but saves himself by blocking it. Jelly with a high sticking penalty and Erat called for Roughing, 4 on 4. Sullivan had a breakaway with Buff close behind him. He shoots and a big save by Niemi. Its about time! Toews with his first playoff goal this year, a rebound from Hossa's shot! Sharp continued the attack on the Preds with his second goal of the game! Hawks to the pk and Brouwer to the box for Roughing. End of the 3rd, 3-0 Hawks! Shots were once again even 22-22.

Intermission: Soupy interview. 

Soupy looked good, some nice speed. The third was pretty uneventful. With 4 mins left, Duncs called for Tripping. Also, a empty net for the Preds. TooToo got a puck to the face, definitely had some blood on that one. He ended up leaving the ice. Hossa was on his way to the Preds empty net then Keith came out of the box, offsides. Things just weren't going Keith's way. 

Hawks Win! Hawks Win! Hawks Win! 

Hawk tie the series up 2-2. Niemi' second win and second shutout in the playoffs. The belt went to Sharp.

Side note: "@NHLBlackhawks From our crack media relations staff: the last time the Hawks had 2 shutouts in a series was 1974 vs. LA (Tony Esposito)."

Post-game videos:



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