Monday, April 19, 2010

Niemi, with the help of Sopel, shutout the Preds


Being at the United Center during the playoffs is really something else. This time we went my style and showed up an hour and a half before the game. The place was packed. We pre-gamed it with Marconi/cheese bites and Buffalo wings. We only saw one Nashville fan and she was most likely twelve. I also spotted possibly one of the greatest shirts ever: a badass picture of Q and Coach Q written across it. If anyone knows where to find this I would love to know. 

We were way up in section 313 second to last row. Right next to the standing room only folks, who can get quite rowdy but can be hilarious at times. The national anthem was definitely the loudest one for me, it takes a whole new level during playoffs. The clock started while the first "LETS GO HAWKS!" was chanted. 

The first was full of fake outs. A few questionable (to say the least) calls by the refs prompted the chant "BULLSHIT!" I was so proud. Hawks had plenty of scoring opportunities in the first even with bad officiating. They outshot the Preds 13-5, it took Nashville almost 9 mins for their first shot. The period remained scoreless.

Rinne may have won the first goalie duel, but Niemi put on a show for him in the second. He made an outstanding pad save that sent a ripple of roars through the crowd. Bolland made a few mistakes in the first period but showed his true colors in the second with a backhand goal. The goal was perfect but with the infamous third coming up it wasn't a comfortable lead. Hawks continued to out shoot the Preds 26-12.

Kane must of realized we weren't comfortable and scored he Hawks second goal. Rinne was pulled with a little over 2 mins left in the game. Seabs almost scored on the empty net. I just want to let it be known that I have NEVER seen a Seabs goal in person. Hawks shutout the Predators 2-0 and tied the series up at 1-1!!!

I don't know about you but it seemed Sopel was out there for EVERY shift. He was a beast. You might as well call him the second goalie with his gentle touch and block shots. Sopel is known as half man, half back. The section 313 crowd was all about him last night. 

Niemi. His performance speaks for itself. Congratulations on your first playoff shutout!

The reuniting of Seabs/Duncs was a great decision. They both have played really well in the last two games. As for Buff, he didn't seem to care much in his one. Playoffs is not the time to be lazy, Buff. 

Hossa and Toews continued to dominate and play hard. Kane put up some numbers in this one with a goal and an assist. The power of the mullet. 

My pictures aren't loading on to Blogger right now. I'll try to get those up later.

Post-game videos:

Coach Q





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