Friday, April 16, 2010


We are just 4 hours away from the first Blackhawks playoff game!

The Blackhawks


The Predators

1st game: Oct 15. Hawks won 3-1
2nd game: Hawks won 2-0
3rd game: Oct. 29 Preds won 2-0
4th game: Dec. 4 Preds won 4-1
5th game: Dec. 26 Hawks won 4-1
6th game: Dec.27 Hawks won 5-4

-The Hawks have beat the Predators twice at the UC.
-They have not played each other in 2010 yet.

Pre-game Talk:

Kane has added stripes to the shaved sides of his head. Apparently ppl were confused mullet was a gag, so the stripes say, "it's a joke!"

Kaner says he's getting a lot of "hey, Joe Dirt" in the locker room and that he feels compelled to look up whenever he hears it.

Kane also added that he sent pics to his sisters and mom right after his cut and they called right away: "What are you doing?" "Oh, no!"

Q: "First game of playoffs, you're always nervous. Even coaches. Same as when I played. You just need to use that energy in the right way."

Kane: "It's been crazy, how many ppl in Chicago recognize us now. [Pause for mullet acknowledgement] ESPECIALLY now

Kaner on the upsets in the first two days of the playoffs: "It's crazy, man." #Byfuglien: "I'm shocked."

#Versteeg's anticipation is boiling over: "We're really excited to get going. It's been a long-ass year."

#Byfuglien, whether his adrenaline would be a distraction as games start: "The game is so fast, you don't think about nerves or adrenaline"

#Quenneville is pumped, too: "Let's play. This is what we're all about."

Trotz on his team's mental strength: "This team does really well in one-goal games. I can't even remember a game of ours that wasn't close."

Trotz on the strength of both teams' defenses: "If you're a young, aspiring d-man, you'd want to watch our series."

Seabrook: "They got a great group back there, it doesn't just stop with those two. But they've got [Francis] Bouillon and [Dan] Hamhuis as well, great defensemen. They really bring it from the back end and push the pace. They're big, they're physical; it's going to be a fun matchup."

Coach Q: "Buff, I know, played some D here in the past in the organization, but I think it was a nice surprise for our staff that, in the middle of the year, all of a sudden, you put him back there and he's able to play important minutes against top guys and looks comfortable offensively and defensively. And it gives us some size and a big shot. It's been a nice fit for us. We split up Dunks and Seabs, which we were wondering about at the time, but it's turned out OK. Buff gives us another weapon. That was a big void when Soupy went out of the lineup and he's been able to mend it."

Seabrook: "It's tough anytime you lose guys like that. Soupy brings an element not a lot of guys do; he brings the puck up the ice very well, he's an offensive producer. And Kimmy, the short time we got to see him, he was a lot like Soupy. I think the element we miss is just skating that puck up from the back end."

Keith on Weber: "I know him pretty good and we're good friends. Obviously, he's a tough player, and when we're out there playing a game, there's no friends. He's competitive and so am I. It's going to be a fun series to play."

Seabrook on Weber: "If I have a chance to take a shot on him, I will take it, and I'm sure he'll do the same, vice versa."

Weber: "Yeah definitely. Both teams want to win. There's no friends out there on the ice. We're going to play hard and play to the end. After the series, it'll be back to where it was before."

From Blackhawks TV:

Quenneville/Troz Press conference



From: Suntimes: 3 keys to Game 1:

Sharp: ''All that talk and that hype is out the window. The puck is going to be dropped [tonight], and the team that wants it the most is going to win.'

Coach Q: ''Getting volumes of pucks and traffic, maybe it's the second and third ones that are going to beat him."

Seabrook: ''They just don't give up much. They really work. They keep things to the outside and don't let us penetrate much.''

Also, if you're one of the lucky ones going tonight pick up a new Blackhawks Magazine:

You can read one of the features from the new magazine: HERE


LETS GO HAWKS!!!!!!!!!

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