Monday, April 19, 2010

Proves once again what I have been told is just merely a rumor

I guess the old saying goes, don't believe everything you hear. (even if it seems reliable)

Jesse Rogers is once again all over the Hawks latest News:

"Q: Hey Jesse, I know you usually don't comment on rumors, but I heard that [Kim] Johnsson isn't playing because he doesn't get along with the team. I've always heard the Hawks are a very tight group of guys, and this surprises me. Is there any merit to this rumor? Thanks. -- Rebecca, Chicago 

A: I understand the confusion over Johnsson, and no offense to you of course, but that’s about the dumbest thing I’ve heard about him yet. People like to pretend they are in the know about things when they are not. There very well may be more going on with Johnsson, but from all the people within hockey that I have talked to, he has a bad concussion, and that’s it. Why he’s not around the team at least a little is up for debate, but organizations act weird toward injured players so who knows? He andPatrick Sharp, for example, go way back, so I don’t think there’s a rift. The Hawks and the NHL could do a much better job of explaining these things, but they choose not to, so I don’t blame people for speculating, but guessing or making things up is different than speculating. "

It ends here.

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