Wednesday, April 14, 2010

So, I met Duncan Keith...

It basically all started when me and my friends went to the beach next to Navy Pier. As we were sitting there, I look over and see the cutest puppy ever, frolicking in the water. I felt the need to use the word frolicking. Anyways, I was about to tell my friend about the puppy when I look up to see who the puppy is with. IT WAS DUNCAN KEITH! I can spot that hair anywhere! I turn to my friend to tell her as quietly as I could since he was just a few feet away. We ever so smoothly eye stalk him just to make sure. He was having professional pictures taken of him, his girlfriend, and his puppy. We eventually went up to him and told him we were huge Hawks fans. We talked to him and played with his dog for a bit. Funny moment: when my friend told him I dyed my hair for the Hawks playoffs. He goes, "Oh, so that's why your hair looks like that." He is super shy and really nice. Then we got our picture taken with him and his girlfriend decided the dog should be in it too, she is also super nice. I'm not sure who is cuter the dog (Mowgli) or him. I ended the run-in with Good Luck in the playoffs of course!

It was just an amazing moment! Don't want to freak out too much!


(I'm in the flower top and shorts, for those of you who don't know what I look like)


  1. OMG i am so insanely jealous!

  2. Wow I want to move to Chitown so bad... that's very cool!

  3. Very cool. Especially hearing how friendly they were.

  4. Mowgli, aw that's cute, the char from the Jungle Book!

  5. im so jealous! i live in vancouver so that'll never happen to me :(
    duncs gf took the pic!? is she pretty?

  6. Yeah, she was really nice. And yeah she's gorgeous of course.