Friday, April 16, 2010


Starters: Seabs, Hammer, Sharp, Toews, Hossa, and Niemi
Scratches: Burish, Boynton, Johnsson, Bickell, and Campbell

Signs of the playoffs: Red rally towels, Stanley cup playoffs painted on the ice, Emotional montages, and a louder than usual national anthem. (To the people in the crowd that weren't in Hawks gear, why the hell are you there)

1st period:

Hawks were on the powerplay just a minute in, after Klein was called for hooking Brouwer. Madden was the first with a missed chance but trust me he will not be the last. You really realize how pumped the crowd was when Fraser had a big check. Niemi first playoff game was laid back for the first 5 mins since his first save didn't come till then. Hossa with a hard shot and Toews with the rebound. Unfortunately, both ended up also being great saves by Rinne. Sharp continued his streak of breakaways. Did I mention he continued his his streak of missing breakaways. I have to admit Foley's excitement voice always fakes me out. Hossa with an absolutely beastly hit on Hornqvist. It was a crowd pleaser. End of the 1st, scoreless. Hawks led in shots 10-7. Game was pretty even at this point with both goalies on their game. 

Intermission: Seabrook interview! The hair was as always in full force. There is no such thing as helmet hair for him. 

2nd period:

Highlight reel moment: Seabrook with a sliding block, so proud. Sharp was as close as you could get with a shot on the outside post over a diving Rinne. Nashville moved on to a powerplay after Brouwer was called for goalie interference. The call was semi questionable and semi bullshit. Toews with a quick shot at Rinne but nothing was getting past him. Hawks get their second powerplay of the game from a slashing on Versteeg. The pace and energy picked up tremendously. I guess you could say it was the definition of what a playoff game should feel like. Kane scored the first goal for the Hawks! He scored after ending up on a line with Toews and Sharp. Insert power of the mullet joke. "NIEMI SAID NO!" Best one so far by Foley after a nice, no rebound save by Niemi. Toews took off flying at the Preds goal. Would say he was one of the players who played the hardest. The high energy second ended with the Hawks on top in scoring 1-0 and in shots 12-6. (overall 22-13)

3rd period (shit show, out played, ugly, sloppy, poor play):

Preds had a chance when Sullivan had a shot off the goal post. JP Dumbass scored for the preds on a lucky shot (bouncing, bad hop). It was just one of those goals. Preds powerplay, Bolland Interference. Toews with another super close shot, he wanted one badly. Huge hit by Seabrook! That JP Dumbass scored again on a rebound. This is where it all went completely down hill like tumbling down hill. Dumbass scored basically because Brouwer had a nasty turnover and the Hawks couldn't get the puck out of the zone. So ridiculous. Duncs attempted a spin-o-rama, never a good sign. 70 seconds left in the period, Preds scored an empty netter and then proceed to score another empty netter. By this point I was speechless, literally. Obviously, Nashville leads the series 1-0 after a 4-1 win. 

Yeah the Douchebags aka the Cubs were at the game. I'm a White Sox fan and hate them as mush as everyone else. But the people saying the Hawks lost the game because of the Cubs, is so annoying. Last time I checked the Cubs weren't on the ice. 

Oh, and last time I checked you and a hundred other people made the same joke. 

Post-game videos:

Coach Q



The Hawks play again this Sunday! I'll be there! GO HAWKS!

Maybe he could help them win: Burish Bidding his time

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