Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Well, I'll just jump right into this one...

1st period:

The Blues' Perron took an early 1-0 lead but that was far from the last goal. When you're playing such a classy team like the Blues expect lots of cheap physical play. The first victim: Burish, he was tag teamed by three Blues players. No worries, Eager gladly stepped up. As Eager was in the box there was some good old fashion shit talking between him and Janssen. Duncs with just a beauty and a sweet pass from Versteeg tied the game up. That won't be the last time Versteeg is mentioned. Eager comes straight out of the penalty box on a rampage and scores the Hawks second goal. Kane assisted him in his Blues destruction. Within just 30 seconds Bickell scored and said goodbye to Mason. The Blues realized that playing Hockey still doesn't work for them so they went back to the cheap hits. The second victim: Hossa, he went head first into the boards. The most logical move, kick the crap out of the Blues. Seabrook, the stand up guy he is, came to Hossa's defense and fought Winchester. How does a Seabs fight not automatically make your day? Seabs was sent to the locker room for a game misconduct but so worth it sticking up for you're teammate. On his way off the ice, Hossa gave a little thank you gesture to Seabs. Love it. Versteeg didn't want to be just known as the assister so he scored a shortie of his own. 4-1 HAWKS! Yes, 4-1 Blackhawks! 4 goals in 7 shots! There was still 10 mins left in the period too. That was the 13th shortie for the Hawks and that is leading the NHL. The end of an eventful period to say the least. Hawks dominated in scoring and led in shots 11-10.

It may not have been Seabrooks best fight but at least the hair made an appearance. The hair probably could have fought Winchester all by itself. 

Intermission: Ben Eager interview.

2nd period:

The scoring continued, this time Laddy boy gets in on the action with a pass from who else, his breakfast buddy Steeger. Seabs was back on the ice, must of been a 10 min game misconduct. Boyes wanted to fight Eags, since they don't know what to do with a stick and play this thing called Hockey. But Eager just stood there giggling as Fraser got in a scuffle. Hossa left the game but there was no word on why. I'm pretty sure it was the head to the boards hit, that tends to hurt most people. Next up in destroying the Blues, Hendry who scored from the blueline. That would make it 6-1 Hawks! Then the score quickly turned 6-2 after Polak scored. The third victim: Madden, his hit came from Brewer. Versteeg, who is all over the game, stood up for him. But the refs did not, they didn't call a penalty. I guess they wanted to be as classless as the Blues. Speaking of Versteeg he had 4 points on the night with 3 assists. All he needed was a fighting major for a Gordie Howe Hat Trick. It was too soon to think the Hawks had it in the bag with one period left.

3rd period:

Johnson scored and the Blues were just three goals behind the Hawks. Not too much worry yet. Sharp misses yet another breakaway opportunity, it seems he's had a lot of those lately. Sopel gets a highstick from Kariya. Insert ugly joke on Sopel. The refs aren't calling anything on the Blues like hits that are clearly dirty and cheap. But they have no problem calling the littlest things on the Hawks. Sopel called for delay of the game and Bolland called for Highsticking. Versteeg with another great chance and some sweet moves to go with it. Now the Hawks just really wanted to piss off Hawks fans. Oshie scored making the score too close for comfort at 6-4. Mix some shitty play with some shitty officiating and you get one pissed off Coach Q. The Hawks just missed an empty netter! Buff got 5 mins. 31 seconds left on the clock. Just 31 seconds. Boyes got a penalty shot and SCORES! AHH! Really? Talk about almost needing a change of pants. Every Hawks fans almost crapped their pants after that one.

Hawks manage to survive the last second and win a shouldn't have been that close 6-5. 

Post- game reactions:

Coach Q on Hossa: "Nothing serious, should be fine."



Versteeg (I don't think I have ever seen him interviewed with a shirt on.)

Coach Q


  1. Good recap :D The game was pretty fun and the third period was...well...youve seen it :D
    Oh, and Versteeg got the belt obviously, good for him...:)

  2. Thanks! And Versteeg definitely deserved the belt!