Thursday, April 15, 2010

"We’re ready to play. We’re all rested and ready to rock."- Seabs

Wash out the red hair dye, let your red nail polish dry, get your red converse high tops out, and put on the indian sweater. 

For the guys, put down the damn shaver.

Now you're officially ready for BLACKHAWKS PLAYOFFS!

For all you who wishing to see Toews with crazy long hair and a beard, your dreams have been crushed:

He's back to 08 Captain Serious Toews

-A comparison between the Blackhawks and the White Sox, I love it.

Paul Konerko: "Once we clinched a playoff spot and finished the job in the regular season, we felt like a dangerous team. That we kind of died once and came back to life. If the Blackhawks get through this first series, it wouldn't surprise me if they won the whole thing. That would be the equivalent of us clinching the division down the stretch against Cleveland."

Mark Buehrle: "Looking back at it, at the time we were a little nervous and scared, but … it did help us. When it got close, we had to step on it again. It got everyone hot going into the playoffs."

Seabrook: "It's definitely going to make us a stronger team for going through that. We (didn't have) a lot of adversity, so it was good to have that and learn how to battle through it."

Sharp: "If you look at the grand scheme of things, sure it can help you. Through our coaches and our leaders and everybody in the room, we kind of figured out what was going wrong, and everybody started to play better."

-You know you're in the playoffs when you're in The New York Times.

"The Chicago Blackhawks have spent a great deal of money locking in some of the league’s best young talent, but they enter the playoffs having to rely on an untested goalie they acquired on the cheap."

-I would say the whole team must step it up to win the Stanley Cup but the Daily herald believes it's these five players.

"4. Brent Seabrook

The Hawks' most physical defenseman must play an even more punishing game than he did during the regular season.

Seabrook ranked second on the team to Dustin Byfuglien with 208 hits and led the Hawks with 153 blocked shots. Seabrook can play nasty when he wants to, and that's what the Hawks need him to be in the NHL playoffs."

-I never thought anything good would have come out of splitting up Duncs/Seabs but I will admit I was wrong.

Chicago Tribune: Reshuffled defense works

Coach Q: "A lot of guys can play with each other for little shifts, or several shifts in a row. We got our whole team game (together) and our defense stabilized our team game."

Keith: "Guys are feeling good, got to get to know one another's tendencies a little bit more. We had a good finish to the season and that was part of the reason we got used to one another. Hopefully we can carry that over."

Seabrook said it best!: "None of us are any good without our teammates, so we all have to come together and help Antti, and he has to help us out and make the big save when we need it.

-If you haven't been paying attention to the playoffs, (I'm guessing you have) almost every game has been an upset which is totally awesome and entertaining. But if it continues its not a good thing for the Hawks since them losing would be an upset. 

Jesse Rogers: Opening upsets gain Blackhawks' attention

Coach Q: “If you’re Nashville, it can get you excited, and if you’re us it can get your attention."

Coach Q: “I don’t know if there’s a big favorite or a heavy favorite, but everybody has their wish list. It was a very competitive year on our side, and I’m sure the East had the same type of situation.”

Toews: “You have to tell yourself who cares. It really doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is who’s hoisting the Cup at the end. We’re not looking that far ahead. We have game one tomorrow night and that’s all we are worried about right now.” 

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