Saturday, May 15, 2010

Alcatraz Trip

One Word: Seabs

Photos courtesy of @NHLBlackhawks

Also, check out another video of their trip here:


  1. I wanna know which one of them looks like they're trying to break IN to one of the jail cells. =D

    Hair's too short to be Burish... and too dark to be several other people...

  2. Well, in one part Seabs is definitely trying to open one of the cells.

  3. isn't Seebs, though, since he and Sharpie are front and center in that picture. =D

    Isn't Ladd either, since he's right there too.

  4. Oh you're talking about the picture? I thought you were talking about the video. It could be someone who was on the tour but not with the team.