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Around the UC: Red Fever

Or should I say pink fever

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"A tribute to the Chicago Blackhawks and their quest for the Stanley Cup hasn't started off as planned. Red dye was added to the fountain in Daley Plaza on Friday, but the color isn't quite right."

Blackhawks Fever in Chicago!

I love the choice of song in this one:

-ESPNChicago: Burish to face former roommate (aka Versteegs twin)

Burish on stories about Pavelski: “I know a few of them but he doesn’t have many dirty secrets. Maybe he knew this day was going to come sometime so he didn’t want to give me much juice.”

"As for Pavelski, he wasn’t talking either, even about the “show” Burish put on at his friend’s wedding. “You’ll have to ask him,” Pavelski deadpanned. "

Burish: “He’s got more on me than I have on him but I have a few little aces in my pocket that I’ll bring out on him."

Campbell: "I didn’t like it my first time back. But then I talked with people who have been through that before and I think sometimes it’s a sign of appreciation that they’re disappointed I wasn’t there anymore.

Campbell: "I think you try to turn everything into compliments in some sort of way, or positives. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe I’m right, but I’ll look at it that way."

-Associated Press: Niemi driving the Blackhawks

Sharp: "He's been great. There's been no doubt in our locker room. He's been strong just about every game. If he does have a tough one, he comes back the next one even better."

Niemi: "I feel really comfortable now. I think I've been growing all the time. I feel really good."

Madden: “I would leave [Patrick Sharp] there."

Sharp: “That doesn’t surprise me. There’s probably 25 guys that would leave me at Alcatraz.”

Sharp: “I’d leave Burish. He wouldn’t last very long. They’d probably put him in solitary confinement. He’s got that look about him and the way he acts sometimes, you’d never know.”

"You might recall that, after the Blackhawks clinched their series against the Canucks in Vancouver Tuesday night, several players said they would “celebrate” by presiding over video games back at the hotel. I allowed for the possibility that these fine young men were trying to pull a fast one on an old fool of a team historian."

Burish: “Oh, no. That’s exactly what a bunch of them did. Video games. I don’t get it. On the road, I like to bring my guitar and play it.”

Campbell: "I don't think you ever think you're going to get back when you're that sore a while. I was hoping … I could get back within the timeframe and help out. It's just nice to be back every day."

Campbell: "It seems like I needed to get hurt to get any kind of recognition. That's fine. I'm not in it for that. I'm just in it for the guys in the room. When guys come up to you or the coaches come up to you and say 'Hurry back, we miss you,' it's a good feeling."

Sharp: "He has taken a lot of heat before. In this locker room, we knew how valuable he was. With him out of the lineup it showed we're lucky to have him back. He might not be at 100 percent but he has given us a big lift."

"Sharks general manager Doug Wilson and scout Dirk Graham were former Hawks stars and leaders.

Sharks assistant coach Trent Yawney spent more than a decade in the Hawks' organization as a player, minor-league coach, assistant coach and head coach.

Adam Burish and Joe Pavelski won a national championship at Wisconsin together, while others played with each other in the Olympics in Vancouver. Even a family will be split as Hawks video coach Brad Aldrich and his father, Mike, the Sharks' equipment manager, wear different colors."

-Chicago Tribune: San Jose Sharks take aim at Chicago Blackhawks' goalie Antti Niemi

"Shortly thereafter, the 26-year-old Niemi took over as the Blackhawks' starter. He's been surprisingly good. But he is still largewly unproven, and in six of his 12 playoff starts so far, Niemi has allowed three or more goals. Meanwhile, the Sharks are 6-0 this postseason every time they've scored at least three goals.

Does that tell you something? It's extremely unusual for a goalie in the playoffs to face a team he has never seen. And it's unclear whether that will help or hurt Niemi."

-New Desktop Wallpaper of Jelly showing off the Conference Final Schedule: here

-Mayor Daley Press Conference: Sharks Wager:

-Sharp and Coach Q Press Conferences:

This video just proves Sharp owns the title of sexiest athlete in Chicago. I think everyone can agree, even the guys. Check out the scruff.

-Don't forget Blackhawks TV for Kids tomorrow on NBC!

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