Monday, May 10, 2010

Around the UC: "You pack as if you expect to win and that's what we expect to do."

-So much greatness in this: Blades of funny: The Chi-Van Series Reminds Me Of High School
Here is just a few but make sure you check out the rest:

"There’s the dumb jock who is up for anything as long as it’s not studying:"

"The drama club guy who has b&w headshots of himself in his locker:"

"The slacker who is all about his music:"

Day 27-

Ladd: "We don't want to come back here. We'd like to stay out there."

Coach Q: "We didn't shoot enough. We were looking for maybe a better play, and I think we need more pucks and more traffic. If we just simplify those things in the offensive zone and get more direct plays at the net, it will reinforce what we want to do."

Kane: "I wouldn't say they didn't forecheck, but they kind of fake forechecked you, where they pretended they were coming and then kind of sat back a bit. When they do that the biggest thing is to get pucks behind their (defensemen) and try to cycle them down low. It seems like their defense is a little depleted right now with (Sami) Salo going down, so you want to work them as best as you can down there and try to get them tired.

Versteeg: "You pack as if you expect to win and that's what we expect to do."

Ladd: “We have to play patient. If they play like that, kind of like we did against Nashville, we have to just play patient and capitalize on the chances we do get.

Coach Q: “It certainly was a get-our-attention type of game. We need to rebound off the effort and improve in all areas.”

Versteeg: “We’re a team that has always found a way through adversity. We believe in each other. We expect a strong effort from ourselves and I think that’s what we will get.”

Kane: “You really can’t expect to beat them four in a row so I think we’re all right. It’s OK we’re frustrated and mad about it. I think we can turn it around next game and move forward.”

"Jonathan Toews -- Chicago's captain leads all players in scoring during the playoffs with 19 points, including 11 in five games against Vancouver. He had the Hawks' only goal Sunday after getting a hat trick and adding a pair of assists in Game 4.

Dustin Byfuglien -- "Big Buff" has made life miserable for the Vancouver Canucks, especially in Game 3, when he burned them for his first three goals of the playoffs."

-Videos from travel day:


Coach Q

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