Friday, May 7, 2010

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Sedin on Duncs/Seabs: "Sometimes they're going to win the game within the game and sometimes we're going to win the game within the game. You just hope we can do it more times than they do."

Buff: "I know from last year the fans definitely hated me. From playing juniors out here, I still got some friends and stuff and they say everyone out here hates me. And I think the best thing for me is to stay in the hotel room and go from the hotel to the rink.

Buff: "It's whoever gets to the front of the net first and gets that body position. Once you get that, you can't really go and cross-check someone and push them out of the way anymore, it seems like you're going to get called on it. So they pretty much gotta let you stand there and they'll just come and stand there and they'll create a screen, too."

"Wachovia Center remains a tough place to play ... but not the toughest. According to a Sports Illustrated poll out in the latest issue, sampling 272 players, here are the five toughest road arenas to play in for the NHL:

HP Pavilion, San Jose Sharks 19%
Bell Centre,
Montreal Canadiens 14%
United Center,
Chicago Blackhawks 13%
Wachovia Center, Philadelphia Flyers 12%
Joe Louis Arena,
Detroit Red Wings 10%"

-Chicago Tribune: Brouwer won't use father's illness as reason for poor play

Brouwer: "As far as this playoff goes, I haven't been good enough. I haven't helped my team. In fact, I think I've hurt them more than I've helped them. It's not the time of the year to try to get me going; I have to take it upon myself."

Brouwer: "It's tough sometimes to concentrate and focus on what you need to do, but I'm a professional and I have to put those things behind me — especially when I'm on the ice. It's all right wanting to know how he's doing (on) days off … but when it's a game day and I need to be focused and prepared for hockey that's what I need to do."

-Chicago Tribune: Blackhawks CSN viewership keeps growing

"For the second time in nine nights, the Chicago Blackhawks established a new all-time high ratings mark for their Comcast SportsNet Chicago telecasts, averaging about 355,000 homes for Wednesday's Game 3 second-round playoff victory over Vancouver."

-Vancouver Sun: Daniel, Henrik Sedin have got to be smarter for Canucks

"Daniel took himself off a power play before it began at 17:19 of the first period. Unhappy about getting hacked by Dave Bolland on a faceoff false start, Sedin went back at the Blackhawk. Whatever Bolland said as they pawed each other across the linesman must have worked because rarely in his decade in the North America has Sedin looked as unhinged as he did at that moment.

What did Bolland say?

“You'd have to ask him,” Blackhawk linemate Kris Versteeg said. “I asked myself the same question, but I have no idea.”"

-Chicago Tribune: Antti Niemi goes from bench in Finland to spotlight in Stanley Cup playoffs

Hallin: "I could not have said Antti would turn out like this. When something like this happens, the whole organization is proud. When somebody like this comes along, everybody has a piece of it.''

Niemi's agent: "Am I surprised by Antti? No, he's that good."

Niemi's agent: "There's very few people who could go into a room talking hockey with Dale Tallon and not walk out thinking this is the greatest guy ever. That personal interaction sold Antti.''

-Toronto Sun: Byfuglien feeding off fans

Seabs on Buff: “I’m sure he does. Any hockey player will. You get the crowd beating up on you and everybody making such a big deal, a player feeds off that. Buff loves that.”

Coach Q: “He was pretty excited to score and the timing was big, but I don’t think he’s worried too much about that, I think he’s worried about trying to be the best he can and that’s reactionary. I don’t know if there’s any other motivation or plan behind it.”

Chicago Tribune: Several Hawks have found memories of Winter Games

Seabs: "There aren't as many people around. At the Olympics, it was just packed. So many different countries and different groups walking down Granville Street, it was just wall-to-wall people."

Toews: "(Memories) definitely came back when we drove into town and drove by the (athletes') village. The city is completely different than it was during the Olympics but it's cool to be back here."

O'Brien: "It was just a great experience for everyone who lived here. The hockey was great, everything was great and the city just really embraced it. It's something that people here are going to remember forever." Nucks need more from Burrows

Seabs on Buff: "I played against him when I was nine. I remember telling my Dad, we were talking about him, saying he was the best player around. He was head-and-shoulders above everyone else, he was so big, he had such a hard shot. I remember asking (his Dad) where he went. Nobody knew - he just disappeared, Sure enough, I saw him in the WHL."

Seabs on trying to check Buff in practice: "Tough, real tough. I've tried taking a run at him and I just bounce right off him. I'm 225 pounds, and I bounce right off him."

-Vancouver Sun: Dustin Byfuglien: Did you know...

"4. When he was 15, Byfuglien quit hockey so he could spend the winter ice fishing near his hometown."

-The globe and mail: O say, why do we have to see, the anthems being sung?

"Last Wednesday, it took about 11 minutes to get through the preamble, set-up and two national anthems before the Canucks-Chicago Blackhawks clash at GM Place in Vancouver (typical for most games). The NBA playoff game between the Phoenix Suns and San Antonio Spurs was already under way six minutes into the telecast – the anthem having been rendered away from the cameras in lieu of a prompt start. With no less anticipation or drama."

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