Thursday, May 13, 2010

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The Chicago Tribune website added a nice touch to their layout:

-ESPNChicago: Hawks-Sharks preview

Sharp: “I’ve been watching them play throughout the playoffs. They are playing inspired hockey. They’re a tough team. It’s going to be a tough series. We are looking forward to it. We’ll do some preparation this week but we’re happy to be back in the conference finals."

Hossa: “It is huge. They are one of the top teams in the NHL. This was a great test for us and we proved we can play with anybody.”

Brouwer: “We won a couple games in San Jose this season. We play a good tight road game and try not to give up too many opportunities so for us, starting on the road might be a good thing.”

Toews: “They’re a tough team that's fast and physical. I think they’re as confident as ever as a team. We need to be prepared from Game 1.”

"Q: What is it about this place that brings out the best in your team?

Toews: "Again, it's not anything that we do here that we don't do at home. We come to these road games with the right mentality, and you saw that tonight. There were no goals scored in the first period, but we didn't worry about that. We were patient, the way we needed to be, and we kept moving our feet. We weren't lazy in any of those three periods. I think we got enough legs and enough speed to outlast that team, and that's what you saw tonight.""

Keith: "We know they're a confident group right now. They came back and played real strong against Colorado and obviously to beat a team like Detroit in five you're doing something right. They have a big, strong group of forwards that can skate as well as some of their defensemen. They were first in our conference for a reason."

Versteeg: "It gives us confidence going in. That's a tough building to play in and they're a similar team to Vancouver where they have the two really big lines. But we have four really good lines, too. We have four lines that can play against any line and we have to be confident going in there knowing we can play with them."

Versteeg: "You have to give (the Sharks) a lot of respect for doing what they did. but you have to give us a lot of respect for doing what we did as well."

"“Sulking, belligerent and grossly over-rated goaltender who can’t stop a beach ball, seeks new gig,” reads the notice posted at 8:47 p.m., as Game 6 in the NHL playoff second-round series wound down to a painful end."

Kane: "It's a huge goal of yours ever since you're a little kid to try to win the Stanley Cup and this puts us one step closer."

Kane: "They have probably the top two lines in the league. If you look at our team we have a lot of depth, but their two lines up there are pretty special and (Joe) Pavelski's on fire too."

Madden:"We prepare the same way for every game. A lot of people make a huge deal out of not winning at home regularly in the playoffs, and we're a little perplexed about that as well. Now we start on the road so our goal is to get one and if we get one, go for two and go from there."

Buff: "It's going to be a battle. We're going to have our mind set to be ready right from the drop of the first puck."

"Showing off its home team spirit in the upcoming NHL Western Conference Finals against the Sharks, Aquarium trainers donned official Chicago Blackhawks sweaters during their daily dive on Thursday in the Wild Reef. As the sharks circle the water of the Aquarium, Shedd reminds hockey fans that Chicagoans only love the sharks of Shedd. "

"JR: You’re wearing a letter. How much are you leading in the room?

PS: We have a lot of leaders in the room. Certain players have said things throughout the playoffs that have made a lot of sense. It’s not always 'Rah, rah, let’s go get them.' It's strategic things and things that really help out in the games. I’m learning a lot from John Madden, and I like to think I’m getting better every year in that department

JR: A recent poll said San Jose was voted, by NHL players, the toughest place to play for an opponent. Did you vote in that?

PS: I don’t think I did but I don’t disagree with those results. There are a lot of reasons why it's tough. The fans are really loud. The rink seems small, and the fans are right on top of you, and they always have a tough team. The United Center has to be right up there as well.

JR: Are you hearing from people back home now that you won’t be back there for quite a while?

PS: Oh, yeah. Lots of text messages going back and forth. Lots of support from the Chicago fans, lots of support from people in my home town. And that’s fun to see. That’s what’s great about the playoffs. Everything is so important and everybody is so into it. "

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