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Bolland:“It was a love tap. When you take a draw, you go for a puck, not a wrist, right?”

Bolland: “It’s a good role. We like having fun with it. We’re just playing hard and picking their sticks. They’re getting frustrated. They just can’t take it.”

Versteeg: “Bolland [ticks] us off too. So he just [ticks] everyone off.”

Sharp: “He’s been playing great. He does a lot of things that go unnoticed out there. You saw Thornton grabbing him there at the end and [when] everyone is trying to get a piece of him, you know he’s doing his job.”

Bolland: "If there is always a guy on you and picking at your stick and taking the puck from you, everybody gets mad, right? Nobody likes a guy doing that."

"Q: You have 11-game point streak in the post-season, which ties a franchise record. What do you think is going so well for you right now?

Toews: "Well, you know, I don't even really think about scoring. You want to kill penalties, you want to play with energy and create as much as you can in the offensive zone when that happens to be your role. I've gone into these games focused on working hard. A lot of offense has just clicked.""

"Q: You guys got the best-case scenario, two wins in two games here. How do you prepare for Game 3 and guard against a letdown?

Toews: "I think we can totally forget about these two games and really try and redeem ourselves at home. That's the motivation. We know we haven't done near what we want to do at home. So we'll motivate ourselves that way and get really pumped and excited about playing back at the United Center. We're really happy about having a 2-0 lead. That's great for us. We're not used to being in this situation. We'll take advantage of it and focus on what is to come.""

Yawney: "I don't know if I saw the Norris Trophy in terms of Duncan Keith's immediate future. I think Dunc deserves a lot of credit for his ability to take in information and apply it to his game.

Yawney: "Everybody sees his skill, but he was a tremendous hard worker. I think Seabrook and him really complement each other, and I see them as defensive pair. Two are only good if two work as one, and they really work well together. They just can read off each other. Brent's a great passer of the puck and can slow the game down to his pace and, obviously, Dunc has got the quickness and is a really good defender."

The video is really a must see:

Nichol: "I was thinking last night that we hadn't played these guys since January or February, we don't have that hatred for them. We should. We can probably play a little meaner and a little nastier in between the whistles."

McLellan: "Nastiness, I'm not sure that's going to get us what we want. Tenacity is probably a better word for us."

Boyle: "We're down 2-0, so something needs to get better. It can start with the physical play."

"We are getting ahead of ourselves. Understood. Yet, for the sake of this exercise, let's take a look at Antti Niemi as far as the Conn Smythe Trophy (playoff MVP) is concerned. It's certainly surprising to see "Niemi" and "Smythe" in the same conversation given that the big question facing Joel Quenneville's Blackhawks heading into the playoff derby was indeed the situation between the pipes. After all, Niemi and Cristobal Huet combined for all of 16 playoff appearances and six wins - all on the latter's resume."

-PuckDaddy: From BCHL to Olympic champion: the rise of Duncan Keith (Great Article! Read the whole thing!)

"In his first few games with us, I heard one of his buddies refer to him as "Bambi" (after the newborn phase, I assume), probably because it's the only deer name anybody knows. It's exactly how he skates - like a deer. Powerful but graceful, quick and agile; the guy makes NHL regulars look like they're wearing mafia-brand cement skates."

"But with an 11-game (and counting) point-scoring streak, tying a Blackhawks franchise record, and a string of dominating physical performances in which he simply refuses to be moved off the puck or denied in a one-on-one battle, Jonathan Toews is two victories away from a shot at winning a Stanley Cup, a playoff scoring title and a Conn Smythe, to go with a world junior, a world championship, and an Olympic gold medal — all by the age of 22."

Hull: “They’re taking the city by siege. All they’re talking about in Chicago is the Blackhawks. Not the baseball teams, not the football teams, not the basketball teams.

Kane: “You can really feel it now. Especially coming back into town today, whether it’s text messages or whatever it may be, just everyone is getting excited.

"Individually, each possesses their own moniker. Toews is "Captain Serious." Byfuglien is known as "Big Buff." And Kaner is called "The Doctor" by his teammates. Collectively, though they've got nothing."

"We could use initials, but TBK or JDP just sounds like some ambiguous corporation, not the most talked about line in the NHL. (See initials aren't working even for Hockey.)"

Tallon: ''It doesn't surprise me because of their character and how much of a good relationship we've built over the years and how everybody felt a part of it. I'm overwhelmed by it. I'm very happy, and I'm proud of those men. They're a terrific team on and off the ice.''

Tallon: ''It's a whole new life. A whole new chapter begins. That's all I can think about is the future. ... It was 33 great years. I loved every minute of it.''

Kane: "We haven't accomplished anything yet, obviously. But we put ourselves in good shape with a good road trip out there, two big wins. We're feeling pretty good. Can't get too high on this game because San Jose is a great team, never know what can happen."

Kane: "It's going to be fun to play. We know how we want to play at home. Keep it simple, not give too big of a show ... whether it's the national anthem or just playing in front of a big crowd, you want to put on a show for them. That's not necessarily what we have to do. The biggest thing is playing a simple game like we have on the road."

Coach Q: "That was a long road trip," Quenneville said. "Obviously, very productive. We're looking forward to getting home tonight, sleep in our own beds the next couple of days. I know we're excited about playing in the United Center come Friday. I am sure the building is going to be rocking. We're looking forward to that. I think it's important that we reestablish how we can take advantage of our home-ice advantage."

"Q. How do you do that at home? Check into a hotel and play Mario Brothers all night long?

Jonathan Toews: It could be one solution (laughter).
We've said a lot of good things going into the locker room going into the game. We go in there just focusing one shift, one period at a time. We're just breaking it down and not looking at it as a 60-minute game. Because sometimes it's a little bit of an overwhelming job if you're trying to dominate 60 minutes.
You know, go in and get a great start, and then you just kind of build off that. Definitely what we want to do in a couple days."

"Q. The Bulls said they bonded better on the road. They didn't have the distractions like at home. Have you found the same thing?

Jonathan Toews: I guess so. I mean, there's a lot of expectations from family and friends, people want to be a part of this whole thing. When you're on the road, it's just you and the guys. In that way, it's a little bit easier.
But no one's looking at that as an excuse. Like I said before, we can be happy about the last two games we played on the road because that's big. It's a huge disadvantage to play in someone else's building, especially in San Jose, with the noise in that building.
But I think we can all forget about that and really get excited about what we can do and how good we can play in our own building. "

"Q. Do you get energized when you know you're in somebody's head?

Dave Bolland: I don't know if it gives me more energy. It could. When I know I'm in someone's head, that's good. I don't know what I do to get in his head, but it's fun. It's good. There is a bit of an energy that comes to me when it does happen because it's a privilege, right, to be out there guys, play against Heatley, Thornton and Marleau. Probably the top players in the NHL and in the world, it is a privilege."

"Q. Do your butterflies increase or decrease knowing you're two wins away from the Cup finals?

Patrick Kane: To be honest with you, I haven't really had butterflies as far as playing the game. As far as the excitement level, I think it really gets exciting this time of year knowing you have a couple more wins to get to the Cup final and six more wins to actually win the golden prize.
It's a long season. It's a long ways away. You can't think too far ahead. We're worried about Game 3 right now. We want to play good at home and give the fans something to cheer on home ice. After that, we'll see what happens. You can't think too far ahead.
But it definitely does get exciting knowing how close you are."

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