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Bolland: "I don't know if we're that checking line or that top line."

Sharp: "You can call them a checking line. but they've all got the ability to put the puck in the net, and that's what makes them so dangerous."

Versteeg: "We can play offense, too, so maybe at times they have to be thinking defense as well. We're just trying to play our best, play hard and keep the game as simple as we can."

Kopecky: "Right now in the Finals we have to focus on the defense first, but every time you can hold on to the pucks -- 'Steeger' is so good at it in the offensive zone and so is 'Bolly' -- it's going to be tougher for the top line to score on our goalie. That's the kind of checking we played. We were trying to hold onto the pucks in their zone, wear them down so they don't spend as much time in our zone."

Toews: "Well, they're skilled players that are in a checking role, I guess. That's the way to look at it."

Toews: "We're not happy with the way we played, especially in the first couple periods. You're bound to have a game like that where things don't go your way. When you look at the score sheet and it doesn't look pretty for our line. You get ticked off about it and you move on. We're not going to let it become anything bigger than it actually is."

Buff: "Five-on-five, I think we can play a lot better, collectively as a line. I think Buff had 10 hits, but that just shows how much we were chasing the puck around. Sometimes it's good when he has a lot of hits and he's getting the puck back and we're making plays. But we don't want him to have that many. We want to have the puck and be making plays."

Kane: "We know we can play better."

Toews: “The nerves and excitement are behind us and now we can just go play hockey and play the way we know how to play."

Toews: “We were maybe chasing the puck a little too much. We weren’t protecting and supporting each other. The less we think about things the more we’ll create.”

"The Flyers were not called for a penalty in Game 1, although there were several instances where one could have been whistled. Chris Pronger came close to an infraction battling Dustin Byfuglien and Brent Seabrook was hit in the mouth with a high stick.

“[It was a] follow through,” Seabrook explained. “The refs have to make a [split-second] call and they feel like it was [just] a follow through.”
The rule book states that a player must have “control” of his stick at all times, however on a windup or follow through, accidental contact is allowed. It’s a judgment call that went against Seabrook."

"Members of their traveling party took a group photo sporting jerseys from various hockey teams before heading to the airport following their 8-5 loss to the White Sox.

Rays manager Joe Maddon wore the No. 11 jersey of Blackhawks player John Madden."

"At first on Sunday, Flyers coach Peter Laviolette said he would keep the identity of his Game 2 starter under wraps until the puck dropped Monday, but then reversed course hours later and announced Michael Leighton as his starter via the Flyers PR department. Presumably it's because he wanted to deliver the news to his two goalies before telling the rest of the world."

"Leighton gave up 5 goals on 20 shots, and then Boucher gave up 1 on 12 shots, which was the game-winner. Yet Leighton will start Game 2 because his teammates supported him unanimously on Saturday night; because he's shown resiliency after bad performances; and because Boucher is better used as a momentum-changer if necessary, during or after another Leighton clunker. Like Rich Hoffman said on It should be Leighton, but with a short leash.

But again: Leighton or Boucher, Boucher or Leighton ... it won't matter if the Flyers play like Finals neophytes in front of them in Game 2."

"Q: Can you grade yourself after last night's game?

Toews: Yeah, I wasn't great. On the stat sheet it doesn't look great either. It's little things, details I want to improve on and we'll see some success."

"Q: Without giving away any trade secrets, what did you have on their centers for the faceoffs last night?

Toews: I don't know. Just work ethic, I guess. We were prepared going into those faceoff dots and we really wanted to win them. We'll try to keep that roll going."

Seabs: "We had a pretty good team. It was a lot of fun to play. I think at one point, we were 25-for-25 in tournaments."

Fraser: "We were the team to beat for sure. When teams did beat us, even when it was just round-robin play, it was like they celebrated winning the Stanley Cup."

Fraser: " 'Seabs' was always the best, right from when we were little guys. He was huge, just like he is now, and he was just better than everyone."

Fraser: "Me and Brent were really good buddies growing up. We had sleepovers at each other's houses during the tournaments. We still talk about the good old days. 'Remember that story? Yep. Remember this story? Yep.' "

"9 -- Combined minus rating of Chicago's top line. Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toews and Dustin Byfuglien were each minus-3. They were the only Blackhawks who were minus players."

"12 -- Faceoffs win by Chicago's Jonathan Toews in as many attempts in the first period. Toews was a perfect 12-0 on draws in the first 20 minutes -- the biggest reason the Hawks were 20-8 in the circle in the first period. Toews finished with 18 wins in 24 draws as the Hawks went 40-24 in the faceoff circle."

"29 -- Years since the Blackhawks had won Game 1 in the Stanley Cup Final. Before beating the Flyers on Saturday, their last series-opening win in the Final was a 2-1 victory over Montreal in 1971."

"Yes, Vince Vaughn was sitting front row during Saturday's game at the United Center, as usual.

No, President Barack Obama wasn't there.

As for the city's other famous Chicago sports fans, there was no sign of John Cusack or Jeremy Piven (who once appeared in a "Detroit Sucks" commercial for the Blackhawks), but Jim Belushi was there, as was Cubs pitcher Randy Wells."

-Cbc: Brouwer's effort lifts his dad's spirits

"To be able to score a couple goals and play as well as the younger Brouwer has recently has been an inspiration for Don. When Troy checked his mobile after the game, there was a text message from his father that read, "Great game. I'm so proud of you. Keep going."

"He was a little tired staying up to watch the game, but he had tears in his eyes," said Troy, who was informed of his dad's spirits after the game by his sister. She watched the big win with Don in the rehab centre."

-Daily Herald: Blackhawks fans shelling out big bucks for tickets

"This week, shoppers could find prices ranging from $125 for standing room to a seat for $30,589 on broker Web sites selling tickets for the Hawks' first two games at the United Center.

But Joellen Ferrer, public relations manager for, said the highest price she's actually heard paid so far was $7,500.

The average price fans are paying for the Hawks' four potential home games is $759, Ferrer said. The average price for the three potential games in Philadelphia is $565" Kopecky comes up big in his return to lineup

"That's when Kopecky unveiled his impromptu celebration where he banged on the glass while a woman in the stands stood up and returned the favor.

"It was great," Kopecky said. "There was an older lady and she was trying to get off the bench. Once she got up she started banging on the glass. It was pretty exciting. I'm not a big celebration guy. All the other guys are still giving it to me. I just go with what comes to me right away. I was just stuck in the moment.""

-Daily Herald: Seabrook's stitches and more Sunday stuff

"Top Blackhawks defenseman Brent Seabrook looks like he has a centipede taped over his left eyebrow. Seabrook needed 9 stitches to close a cut suffered less than two minutes into Game 1. Flyers captain Mike Richards fell on top of him during a pileup in the Hawks' end and knocked his face into the ice. That helped knock any lingering nerves out of Seabrook."

Seabs: "I think when someone fell on my head and I bounced it off the ice first shift that was all I needed."

-Chicago Tribune: Blackhawks ads: Stanley Cup might spur more Blackhawks ad deals

"Even Crosby isn't exactly a household name in a lot of households, compared with, say, pro football's Peyton and Eli Manning.

"Maybe Crosby doesn't have the personality to pull that off," Dorfman said. "Maybe if he were a little more out there, a little better looking, a little more charismatic.""

"A big part of the Blackhawk's "One Goal" ad campaign focused on drawing out players' personalities. That's complemented by video on the team Web site and "Blackhawks TV" programs the team has paid to air locally."

"Where their value goes up is in the Chicago market because there's so much excitement around the Blackhawks," Chipps said. "On the national stage, well, that's where it gets a little bit dicier."

""Its half-life will be fleeting," Postaer said of hockey fever in Chicago. "The radioactivity of the Blackhawks will be distant. By July, only passionate sports nuts on the radio will (care)."

But as the weather begins to turn cooler …

"You reawaken the Indian," he said."

-RosenBlog: Some love for Seabrook

"I give Brent Seabrook a 9.8 for the backward somersault that kept the puck in the Flyers’ zone and led to the winning goal. Tomas Kopecky scored it, Kris Versteeg and Dave Bolland picked up the assists, but Seabrook made the hero play. They ought to put HIS jersey on the Jordan statue."

"I swear, Chris Pronger is the spawn of Hannibal Lecter."

-Inside the Locker Room: Chicago Blackhawks:

The Fluff is in full force

-The Blackhawks Anthem:

-New Blackhawks TV Segments from yesterday's episode:

It's just teeth

Playoff Magic on Madison

-NBCChicago: Blackhawks Fans in a Frenzy

View more news videos at: How Loud is it? Game 1 decibel readings

Organist practicingPre-game
91dBTruck traffic
Hawks come out on ice
Pre-game107dBPower mower at 3ft
Let's Go Hawks! chat
Hawks in-arena video
Pre-game112dBPower saw at 3ft
Hawks enter ice
Pre-game115dBLoud rock concert
National Anthem
Hawks forecheck (2 solid hits)
3:21 of 1st period104dBSnowmobile
Whistling fan in Sec. 310
4:35 of 1st period101dBMotorcycle
Kane shown on video screen
5:55 of 1st period104dBSnowmobile
Brouwer tying goal
7:14 of 1st period116dBLoud rock concert
Bolland breakaway SH goal
11:50 of 1st period118dBLoud rock concert
Leigh-ton, Leigh-ton chant
13:35 of 1st period99dBSubway train at 200ft
Let's go Hawks cheer after PHI 4th goal
8:00 of 2nd period108dBLoud rock concert
Versteeg's tying goal
9:31 of 2nd period112dBPower saw at 3ft
Brouwer scores again, Hawks' 5th
15:18 of 2nd period110dBPower saw at 3ft
Extended song celebration
15:18 of 2nd period108dBLoud rock concert
PA announcement on Flyers goalie switch
15:18 of 2nd period109dBLoud rock concert
Hawks legends shown of video screen
16:15 of 2nd period110dBLoud rock concert
Kopecky scores Hawks' 6th goal
8:25 of 3rd period114dBSandblasting
Niemi makes glove save on Briere
17:54 of 3rd period108dBLoud rock concert

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