Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Around the UC:"He’s got a little bit of a lisp now, and a million-dollar smile."

More from practice: Keith's teeth still the talk of the dressing room

-Ladd sat out today during practice, but should be ready for game one on Saturday. For more on Ladd go here: Hawks' Ladd expected back vs. Flyers

-@CSNChi_Beatnik got some good stuff from practice today:

Versteeg repeats: He's played the Stanley Cup 1,000x already, videogaming. & that he couldn't be playing for Cup in better city than CHI.

Steeger on Keef's teef: “He could barely talk before. The injury adds to his 'great' face and very, very poor

Bolland was hoarse today, claiming he had to shout so loud over the crowd as they celebrated the WCF that he lost his voice.

Kane slept till "1 or 2" yesterday on his day off. He hopes to just chill and "cruise around the city" today

Kane: "It would be nice to start [G1] Thurs. or Fri. When you're playing like this, you'd ;like to continue to keep on a roll."

Keef told Kane and Blackhawks teammates he took 30 shots of novacaine in his gums in order to get back on the ice after his injury.

So, what was Keith trying to say to Kane and Sharp during the power plays, apparently unintelligibly? Says Keef: "GIMME THE PUCK!"

Kane on Keith: "He’s got a little bit of a lisp now, and a million-dollar smile."

Keith won't wear full face shield, doesn't think it's necessary. But: "I always have trouble getting thru interviews & now it’s even harder"

Q on earlier CHI-PHI game: "Most frustrating loss all year, a tough pill to swallow. That point could have given us home ice last series..."

Article Catch up:

-The Blackhawks need to make this happen: Hawks to consider viewing parties

Wirtz: "I think we would do very well. I think some of the thing is we didn't know when the games were, but I think we would have a full house. I think it would be fun. I think it's something we should seriously consider."-

-Blackhawks TV Videos:

CNA Building Pays Tribute To The Blackhawks (why did school have to end? My apartment was right next to the CNA building.)

History will be made: What if Dustin couldn't sweep?


  1. You know, I was obviously in awe of Duncs returning to the game after his injury, but if possible I am even more impressed by the way he is handling the whole thing. His humble and humorous attitude is amazing. I also love listening to his teammates talk about his strength while at the same time engaging in some fond teasing. This is a close-knit team.
    In one of the afternoon news videos they showed tape of Buff jokingly checking Duncs into the boards. Duncs responded with a huge smile. I can't believe I am saying this but that toothless grin was endearing and even a little adorable!

  2. I totally agree. Duncs comments were hilarious from practice. I love how loose the boys are in the dressing room and on the ice when they are so close to winning the stanley cup. Most sports teams aren't like that.