Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Attack on the Sharks

Versteeg Twin interview.
Toews interview.
You could of watched the game on the NHL website through a NBC stalker cam.

Blackhawks vs Sharks Game One:

Wow, that is what you call a hock
ey game.

-A Finnish goalie, who had never faced the Sharks, came in to a playoff game and dominated. He controlled the game with a glove and saved 44.

-A team, who had five powerplays, only scored one goal.
A team, who had zero powerplays, scored two goals and had 40 shots.

Here you have two teams, no bad blood, a pair of non creepy twins, and damn good hockey.
Welcome to the Hawks/Sharks series.

The first period was even play between both teams. Eager started the physical play of the game with a hit in front of the bench. He also polished the hit off with an exchange of words. If there was any true hatred between the teams that was as far as it got. The rest was all hockey. The Sharks had three powerplay chances after Madden (holding), Buff (interference), and Sharp (highstick) were all sent to the box. Hawks were successful at killing two but the Sharks got the first bite. Demers shot went off Keith's hip for the goal. Toews was just one of the boys who tried to even it up. His shot went through the legs of Nabokov then hit the post. The period ended with Sharks on top in scoring 1-0 and shots 13-8. No doubt some good hockey was being played.

1st period notes:

-NBC needs to stop with the Pierre Mcguire interviews during the game. I'm already nervous the last thing I need to be is nauseous.

-Thornton lost his stick so Versteeg nicely kicked it away...towards the Hawks bench.

-Campbell, who was once a Shark (2 months), was booed every time he touched the puck.

The second period was fast paced and more back and forth. So basically they continued to play pretty evenly. Niemi was huge, he was a game changer. He and his glove made some highlight saves. Seabrook also helped in the saving department. He had a nice play in front of the net using his size and strength. An attack came in the second but not from Sharks. It was "number 10 on his back, hey it's Sharp Attack!" that tied the game 1-1. He ended up breaking the camera in the net on that goal. Eager owned the Sharks. He laid them out on the ice one by one. He added a little snow shower on top of that. The Hawks still had no powerplays but the Sharks got their fourth on a Seabrook penalty (holding). Coach Q's mustache turned up in anger. The period ended in a scramble for the Hawks, while they tried to keep the puck away. Hawks/Sharks tied 1-1 and shot 18-14 Sharks.

2nd period notes:

-Kane had a scare when he left in the 2nd b
ut no worries. He came back out for the 3rd.

2nd period photos:

The third started with a bang, Jelly sent a Shark flying. Hawks dominated the Sharks zone but were unable to get one in until...BIG BUFF. He got the Hawks winning goal and put them up 2-1! Seabrook helped again on the Hawks end by taking Pavelski and putting him into Niemi to prevent yet another goal. He was hot today. Hawks had yet to get a powerplay, they should of had one when Versteeg was slashed but no call. It was now the fifth powerplay for the Sharks (tripping). This did not come at a good time with a minute left and up by only one. It was empty net for the Sharks. One thing was for sure you could not be unhappy with the Hawks play. This was a challenge for Niemi who had been a total beast throughout the whole game. Hardest minute of the game for the Hawks and the scariest for the fans. The Hawks kept their composure and strong play to pull out a 2-1 win!

3rd period photos:

Keith interview.
Toews interview.

Post-game videos full of epic beards:





Coach Q

Warning: Pierre Mcguire is the interviewer in the next two.



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