Monday, May 3, 2010

Awesomeness-An unmeasurable amount of awesomenimity the Hawks can produce.

"Just another playoff win by the Hawks, I guess you could say."-Sharp

Pre-game: Burish and Eager back in the line-up. Hendry, Fraser, and Bickell scratched.
Vince Vaughn, Kevin James, and Winona Ryder were all in attendance.

1st period:

The Canucks decided to start the game off dirty with a hit on Ladd after the whistle. Nothing really came of it but a few stare downs, 000hhh scary! Niemi saved the first shot but Raymond came back and scored on the rebound. Vancouver was all over Niemi, the Hawks seemed baffled by everything going on. The Canucks came out Confident, the Hawks not so much. Jelly put one over the glass and got called for delay of game. On to the pk for the Hawks. Seabrook clearly saved a goal for Niemi but he also got called for delay of the game. Now 5 on 3 for the Canucks. All this led to a powerplay goal by Samuelsson, still 15 mins left in the period. Vancouver is all over the place for the right reasons, while the Hawks D is all over for the place for the wrong reasons. The crowd went awfully quiet. Then something magical happened. SEABROOK! Seabsy boy cut the lead in half and put the Hawks on the board first. He goes on to have one hell of a game. Hossa with a scoring chance, refs call high stick. Hawk go to another pk after Steeger is called for tripping. Niemi with a glove save off of face off. Monstrous hit by Seabrook and automatically the crowd goes wild. For some odd reason, there was a crazy amount of broken sticks in the period. Mid-period laugh: Sharp slapped a shot at lu, that was extremely close to his face. The slow motion replay was quite enjoyable. All of a sudden the Hawks woke up big time! Burish kept his pre-game promise by tag teaming with Eager for a snow shower on Lu. Hawks went to their first powerplay when Kopecky drew a penalty for hooking (Alberts). Well, the powerplay still needs to a little work. The first ends 2-1 bad guys, shots 13-11 Van.

Intermission: Versteeg Interview. At the time, I didn't understand why they chose the worst player of the game to interview. Little did I know...

2nd period:

About 2 mins in, Hawks pk after Ladd is called for highsticking. Crowd finally started making some noise to let us know they were still alive. No one messes with Big Buff and he made that clear by putting Rypien on his ass. Consecutive chances by the Hawks especially Burish but Lu stopped them both. Niemi made a solid save during the Hawk pp on Kesler. Lu seemed to be controlling the game, the Hawks could not get passed him. Hawks even thought they scored at one point with raised sticks and all. You can just call them the Bash Brothers from Mighty Ducks: First the snow shower now this, Burish and Eager on the bench talking shit to Burrows on the ice. Classic.

Second ends still 2-1 bad guys, shots even at 20-20.


The start of the third wasn't so pretty, a little on the sloppy side. Keith called for holding. Leave it to Mr. Sexy to step up. A shortie for Sharpy to tie the game at 2-2!! Soupy took a hard hit but got right back up like it didn't even phase him. Awful penalty by the Hawks (too many men on the ice). Sharpy almost got another attempt at a shortie. The next few minutes could be described as nerve racking, stressful, and full of potential heart attacks. VERSTEEG! Steeger redeemed himself by taking a 3-2 lead with just a minute and thirty left. Bobby Hull started dancing on that one. There is no better way to get into the Vancouver's head then to score an EMPTY NETTER (thanks to Kane) and have them listen to Chelsea Dagger one more time! By this time most of the rally towels were on the ice.

HAWK WIN! HAWKS WIN! HAWKS WIN! The series is now tied 1-1, now on to BC!

1st Star: Steeger! 2nd Star: Seabrook! I think we can all agree Seabs deserved the first star or maybe that's just me.

Post-game Video:





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  1. The first five minutes of the game were super painful to watch. It looked like the Nucks were playing the Oilers. When it got 2-0 I thought I'd go to sleep, since it was 3 in the morning for me. Luckily, I kept watching and the Hawks woke up. Nice game, nice Burish. BTW Sopel sucks again.

  2. I have to admit I was so close to throwing in the towel during the first period. It was just so awful. Then it turned into an awesome game! I guess the real Sopel is back, unfortunately.