Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Bash Brothers

Burish on what he said to Burrows:
"I just asked how his stay was in Chicago. I asked if he had a good time in Chicago, asked if he had any good restaurants, if he met any nice girls. Just making sure his stay was real nice in Chicago."


  1. Ahhahahahah. I love the look on Burish's face.

    And Eager's.

    Is that Versteeg next to Eager?

    Adam Burish = Mouth that Roared... watch out for him =D

  2. hahaha yeah that is for sure Versteeg next to them.

  3. Well, if he kept up the non-stop commentary (which, knowing how Burish is, he likely WAS)... the other two didn't need to say a word. =D