Friday, May 21, 2010

Big Buff and Hawks make it five

Kevin James and Vince Vaughn were in attendance. Kevin James was rocking a Sharpy jersey.
Interview with Pavs aka Versteeg's twin.
One of Versus' many fails: not showing the national anthem.
My three year old nephew's key to the game: "I hope Kaner doesn't poop his pants."


The game started off with a hit by Seabs at center ice. Buff's early opportunity was blocked by Nabby. Bolland got his first penalty for interference but it certainly won't be his last. It seemed like the Sharks had taken an early lead with a Pavs goal but not so fast. The goal was reviewed as kick. After a replay, Pavs stick never once touched the puck so no goal. Hawks got their first powerplay when Clowe went to the box for roughing. Sharp had a chance with slap shot but Nabby made another save. Seabs kept up his physical play with two big hits in the game so far. Versus Fail: a montage can never be cool with a Hoobastank song. Sharp shot one right to Nabby this time. Bolland went in for one of his own but was taken down. Intensity picked up even more with both teams going back and forth with quick chances. Eager and Burish teamed up for an extremely close shot. Burish with the help and Eager with the shot. Commercial Break raised a serious question: What commercial is worse Toews/Kane texting or Mike Green/Caveman zamboni? Negatives: Kane's greasy hair and the music. For the other, Mike Green. The answer they both suck and lets not forget about the Toews/Kane playing with cars one. Back to the game, Brouwer with a rebound but Sharks got it out. The period remained scoreless, shots 12-10 Hawks. Pretty even game through the first.


The second started with a bang, Ladd had a huge hit and sent Thornton swimming. Heatley tried to get one passed Niemi but Niemi said no! Double hooking for Bolland and Hossa, 5 on 3. Some scuffling in front of the Hawks net after the Sharks laid shots on Niemi. Sharks end up getting one in on the 5 on 3. Niemi almost gloved it but Marleau made it 1-0. More scuffles behind Niemi, nothing ever came from them. Hawks went to the powerplay as Couture went to the box for slashing. Toews kept his point streak alive with an incredible pass to Sharpy for the Hawks first goal. On the powerplay goal, Toews point streak went to 12 setting a new record for the Hawks. Epic moment: Vince Vaughn caught on the kiss cam with his wife. Instead of going in for the kiss he turned to Kevin James and they started making out. As of this moment there is no video or photo. Hossa was all over the Sharks net but missed a wide open net. He does everything so well and works so hard but can not get a goal to save his life. A minute left in the period, both goalies sprawling out in their nets. The Patricks kept the game even at 1-1, shots 23-21 Sharks.

Intermission: Sharp interview.


Niemi bailed Duncs out with his pad after he had a turnover to start the third. Eager's shot went off the post, that was number two for him. Niemi acted like a beast, blocked Blake's and Thorton's shots. Buff put the Hawks on the penalty kill when he got called for tripping. Niemi brought the UC to their feet with his glove. Hawks killed the penalty very nicely. Hawks seemed to have trouble clearing the puck. The Sharks were all over the Hawks zone and Niemi. Bolland called for his 3rd penalty of the game (tripping). Gotta quit with the penalties. Redemption: Bolland came right out the box and went straight to the net for a breakaway goal. Absolutely beautiful, Hawks up 2-1. The camera showed the bench after the goal and the celebration was almost as beautiful as the goal. Versteeg was jumping for joy and I even think Coach Q got caught up in the moment. Oh and the UC EXPLODED. Then the UC died when the killer Marleau scored his second goal of the game to tie it. Shit. Hawks weren't too happy and neither were the fans. The third came to a close and you know what that means, overtime.

Intermission: Last thing I wanna see or hear is the Versus panel of annoying men, who look like they just went to the bathroom and put some just for men hair dye in their hair.
Also, as the ref came out on the ice for overtime they were greeted with boos. Good.



Buff scored to win the game 3-2 and lead the series 3-0!
All the Hawks have to do is win on Sunday and then win the next four. Seems so easy, right?

Post-game Chills:

I have never loved Kaner more than I do in this video: Watch Here (if you don't watch it then you fail at life, kinda like Versus and NBC) And I don't even care that Sarah Kustok is in it, that's saying a lot.

Post-game Videos:




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  1. Your nephew is priceless. LOL.

  2. haha Thanks! He is too funny during game time. I should start recording him lol