Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Bromance Goes to the Stanley Cup Finals

This bromance has gone from rookie years of living together and playing in front of an empty United Center to the top defensive pairing in the league and playing in front of sold out crowds. Now they have skated their way to the Stanley Cup Finals.

No matter what happens with these two boys, they do it together. Hopefully, their next move will be helping each other lift a rather large cup.

Joint Interview with Seabs/Duncs:

Coach Q: "They've got a neat bond. And sometimes, they probably get on each other, like a husband and wife would. But they've really grown together. Not too many defensive pairs have spent as much time together as a pair or off the ice."

Seabs: "I was a young guy who was 20-years-old and had never played pro -- I was just out of junior. The idea to get Dunc to show me the ropes, or whatever, was a good thing."

Duncs:"His room was always a disaster. But then, mine is a disaster too. But he likes to keep the kitchen clean, and I don't care what it looks like. I remember I would always be cooking and he didn't really cook. He was basically living off salads. And anytime I made a meal, he would want the kitchen cleaned up right away before I could even finish the meal."

Seabs: "No, I would clean it up. He wouldn't do anything. He'd just sit there and eat for two hours. He'd sit on the computer and eat."

Coach Q: "They both play power play; they both kill penalties; the minutes for both are big. Their job is always the top matchup. And to be plus players and to be as effective as they are is not an easy thing to do."

Niemi: "They just know each other so well. They always know where the other is going and what he's going to do. They talk on the ice. But sometimes, I think they just know."

Seabs: "We're five, six blocks away from each other -- I think he was missing me. I bought a house in the area we live in now first. A year and half later, he bought one right down the street. So I think he was missing me."

Coach Q: "They've been together for so long that I think they really know each other's tendencies and strengths. I think Dunc's more his quickness and retrievals and Seab's more abrasive and tougher and physical. So I think they both bring a little something to that pair. They work off each other. They're positionally strong. They kind of read off each other's positioning, which complements the pair. And I think their anticipation is high end and their awareness of one another really makes it a nice tandem."

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