Saturday, May 8, 2010

Captain: One who leads, commands, or guides others


Duncs interview: his beard looks like cheetos.
Scratches: Fraser, Brouwer, and Bickell.
Okay, I have to admit I kinda like how the whole crowd sings O'Canada. It's pretty cool but obviously it's no UC anthem.

The First 18 seconds went something like this: SSSSSEEEEEAAAAABBBBRRRROOOOOOKKK! 1-0 Hawks!

1st period:

Well, the Canucks were a little angry to say the least, which caused them to make some stupid penalties. It really helped us in the end. Although, they got away with a few in the first, Buff got a high stick to the face. They also quickly came back with a Wellwood goal right between Niemi's legs after Seabs failed to clear the puck. Canucks were already trying to get at Niemi like they said they would. Not only were they all over Niemi but they were all over Buff. Hawks powerplay, O'Brien had a crosscheck on Buff. Burrows and Seabs exchanged some words. Burrows must of heard how amazing Seabs' hair is and wanted a pull. Lu clearly tripped Buff and got away with it. O'Brien continued his dumbassness with another crosscheck on Buff, this time he took off his helmet. 2-0 Hawks! Thanks to the Captain! The night did not end there for him. Hossa called for Hooking. The Green Men were working as hard on Hossa as the Canucks were on Buff. But like Buff, Hossa wasn't having it. And Lu got away with another one, this time holding Madden. 5 0n 3 after Toews was called for highsticking, lots of action for the Green Men with Toews and Hossa in the box. Madden failed at a breakaway chance, I feel like I write that a lot. Hawks were so close to finishing the pk when a creep moment happened: Sedin tied it. Duncs with an open net opportunity but froze up and served it right to Lu. Cluster in front of a confused Niemi but Hawks got it out. Ladd tried to get Lu and drew a holding penalty. Hawks powerplay to start the second.

First 27 seconds of the second: TTTTOOOEEEEEWWWWWSSSSS! He did it again! 3-2 Hawks!

2nd period:

Canucks put the pressure on the Hawks with quite a few chances. Vancouver powerplay, Buff called for highsticking. Timeout moment: Fight for your right to party blasting at the stadium, while showing the epicness of Seabs beard. Interview with Coach Q, I always wonder how annoyed they must be to do a 5 second interview in the middle of the game. Creep moment: Interference called on Sedin. A crowd in front of the net but Sharpy got one in there for the Hawks fourth goal! Stupid creep moment: Sedin called for crosschecking this time. Just a stupid moment that led to greatness: Burrows took down Buff (roughing). The greatness: HAT TRICK BOOYAH! CAPTAIN! TOEWS! First career playoff hat trick! Also the fourth powerplay goal. Vancouver was unraveling rather quickly, they were called for another penalty. Hossa went to the box for hooking. Edler got one in for the Canucks during the powerplay. Second ended with the Hawks on top 5-3.

Intermission: Toews interview

The Green Men should really switch to their penalty box. Alberts penalty on Kane, he must not know that a face off in Hockey doesn't mean literally take someone's face off. Toews almost got a fourth goal, he was on his game. A beauty for Kopecky off a Hossa rebound 6-3 Hawks! O'Brien proceeded to give Seabs a bro hug with an embrace around the neck. Seab proceeded to give O'Brien a don't ever touch me again look or I will kill you with a smirk. Creep moment: Niemi got tripped and felt up by a Sedin, while he tried to control the puck behind the net. Sedin scored again. I have to admit being two goals away was a little nerve racking and uncomfortable. Bollands shot right to Lu, so nice of him didn't even make him move on that one. Goodbye Lu, empty net for Vancouver. Bolland got one in this time because it was an empty net! Hawks win 7-4! They now lead the series 3-1! Back to sweet home CHICAGO and the UNITED CENTER!

Toews with a few records last night: Blackhawks captain in the zone on record-tying night

Post-game videos:



Coach Q

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