Thursday, May 27, 2010

Conn Smythe Trophy contenders

In all the articles and news segments discussing the contenders for the trophy you hear the same names Toews, Niemi, and Buff. Don't get me wrong Toews or Niemi basically have it in the bag and they should. But I believe one player is getting overlooked in this department and no it is not just because he is my favorite player.

Pierre Lebrun agrees, he is the first to write him on a list:

"9. Brent Seabrook, Blackhawks: I've spent parts of three rounds around the Hawks, and the more I watch them play in person, the more I realize just how key this guy is. His influence isn't as obvious on TV, but watch in person and you see how well he reads the play, how physical he can be behind the play. He's a gutsy performer on the back end and makes the opposition pay for every inch of the ice."


  1. I agree, Seabrook is playing amazingly well and I think it's obvious even on TV.

  2. been saying this for a month!

  3. I know! I've been hearing you say this for a month!