Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hawks on the radio!

-Sharp Attack!: Sharpy

At the beginning of the podcast, listen for the "Duncan Keith ain't got no teeth" song. It's almost as good as the Sharp Attack song.

Sharpy on Keith's Teeth: "They weren't very nice teeth anyway."

Sharpy on the Flyer to pick on: "Mike Richards, we gotta get on this guy's skin. So fans pick on Richards."

Listen to the whole thing: here

Interview asked Seabs what Sopel looked like naked, it was awkward and semi creepy. He also said Sopel isn't a good looking guy to begin with. Seabs: "I don't know if I really want to comment on that." "His body doesn't look too good that's for sure. Lots of black and blue on him."

Seabs on playing with the same teammates from back in the day: "You know what it's crazy we've talked about that a bit." "I grew up with those guys when I was nine years old playing hockey and to see where we are now it's something else."

Seabs on the team being close: "You never know what's going to happen out there. You wanna know you're going to war with a guy that's going to back you up out there."

Interviewer asked Seabs if he would be willing to give Duncs some of his own teeth because they're so close: "You know what if that's what it had to come down to I probably would."

Seabs on the playing the Flyers: "I'm excited I mean they are a great team. It's going to be a fun series." "I know the boys don’t really want to wait till Saturday, but it’s going to be an exciting week.”

Listen to the whole thing: here

Kane on Duncs losing his teeth: "That was awesome. It was pretty crazy because actually on the play he caught a puck in the mouth." "He's just a warrior."

Kane on Duncs: "It was kinda funny too because he came back and didn't miss a beat. He was on the powerplay trying to telling everyone what to do on the ice and kinda mumbling his words. I couldn't understand what he was saying."

Kane: "Some of the reasons and probably the most important we are so good is because of the depth on our team. You can't just watch one line on our team."

Listen to the whole thing: here

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