Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hawks take their second bite, while the Sharks nibble.

Hawks win 4-2 and lead the series 2-0!

Game Two Scoring:

-Ladd opened up the scoring with a nice little play involving Versteeg and Duncs.

-Kane's shot went off Buff's stick and landed in the net for the Hawks' second goal. Credit went to Buff.

-Toews got Duncs shot and put in the third goal for the Hawks. Not only was it a goal but a powerplay goal. Yup, the Hawks got their first pp of the series.

-Marleau scored twice for the Sharks, once in the second and once in the third.

-Jelly with a slap shot for the Hawks fourth goal but Brouwer, who was in front of the net, got credit for the tip in. All started with Hossa stealing the puck.

Game Two Notes:

-Bolland and Thornton started a little something between each other. Words were exchanged and a slash (wrist) was made. Bolland is comfortably in Thornton's head. I remember saying in game one that I didn't dislike anyone on the Sharks. Well, now I do.

-Bolland was also CLEARLY hooked but apparently not clear enough because the refs missed it.

-Versteeg was trying to avoid too many men on ice, so he literally jumped into the Hawks bench. It even deserved a rewind.

-Hawks extended their playoff road win streak to seven. Speaking of number seven, he took down a Shark with the touch of his hand. No joke.

-Toews extended a streak of his own. He is now on an 11 game playoff point streak.

-Niemi continued to be on top of his game with 25 saves. The pads got the highlight spotlight this game instead of the gloves. He likes to split up the attention.

Check out the pad action:

Post-game Notes:

-Bolland: "Maybe they just dont like me, I dont know if its my face or my beard or what." (source)

-The Hawks' road trip of wins and Mario Kart has come to an end. They return to the United Center on Friday for game three.

-According to Soupy in post-game, the Hawks have started watching chick flicks during the road trip. It was a hot topic in the dressing room between between the boys.

-It may be for the best that the road trip is so over. The reason: Toews called Seabs a fatty.
(the beard adds a little weight, okay!)

Burish on Mario Kart:
Brent Seabrook kept reaching over and slapping Tazer’s [Toews] controller out of his hand. Toews has a bad temper so Seabrook did it twice. Then Seabrook was like, ‘I’m out of here. See you later.’ And then Tazer jumped up and tackled him with like one of those karate moves where you sweep your leg behind the other guy and you throw him down. So he threw him down, jumped on top of him and held him by the collar. And he was yelling, ‘You want to go? You want to do this? You want to do this right now?' He was like, seriously, wanted to fight him. Everybody got quiet because we thought they were really going to fight here. Then they got up and Seabrook threw him to the side and they got out of there.”

“That’s going to happen when you lock these guys up in the same hotel, playing the same video game. Toews got up and called Seabrook a fatty. Yeah, that was a good one.” (source)

-Post-game Video:




Coach Q





-If you want to keep your happiness from the Hawks win then don't click the link I'm about to post. But I just thought I would throw this out there and see what you think of it. (personally, I think it's a load of shit) Read Here One more thing: The TEAM Deserves the Cup!

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