Monday, May 31, 2010

Hawks Win Game Two!


The captains of both teams showed they're true leaders by taking the interviews with Pierre and Milbury. We also got a lesson in Hockey (or douchebagness) with a trio of McGuire, Roenick, and Milbury. Burish's warmup was less skating and more shit talking. He exchanged a few words with Carcillo on the ice. The anthem was louder than ever. You know an anthem is good when it gives you goosebumps through the TV. Last pre game thought: Second best thing to playoff hockey: Montages of playoff hockey.

Pre-game Seabrook interview:

The Anthem:


Bolland started the game with a face off vs Richards and that was when the words flew between the teams. Carcillo tried to be badass from puck drop but his first embarrassment was when he missed Campbell on a hit and went straight into the boards. He has some trouble targeting his hits as you will see later in the game. I might as well confirm this now: the refs sucked. Shouldn't have a been a surprise when Kopecky got a highstick to the face and it wasn't called. One big difference from game one, besides the scoring, was the physical play. The Hawks turned it up a notch with bigs guys like Eager and Buff laying out a few Flyers. What happened next is probably the most perfect rewind moment of the playoffs. Carcillo went in hard for a hit on Kopecky but took out his own teammate, Carter. A non-fail NBC moment: replaying the Carcilo hit in slow motion.


The Flyers went to the powerplay first on a Versteeg interference. Seabrook continued to show he has been one of the best players of the playoffs with smart plays, using his body to put Flyers into the boards and to clear the puck. Flyers had a total of zero shots on the powerplay. One of the announcers asked Pierre if he was having fun and a creepy raspy voice responded, "I love this." (chills) Kopecky played really well and showed a ton of effort. When Ladd comes back I would like to see Kopecky stay too. Breaking News: Hawks received their first powerplay of the series on a Betts cross checking. The UC gave a standing ovation for that one. Seabrook had a big swing and fell over, like Fraser said, "He's a little top heavy." Toews and Pronger got into it a little bit after the whistle and the crowd started chanting, "Pronger Sucks!" Carcillo hit Kopecky in the face and was called for unsportsmanlike conduct. Kopecky also went to the box for responding. Carcillo joined Richards, who was already in there, and Richards politely ignored Carcillo's whining. The first remained scoreless and the Hawks had 20 hits in the period.


The ice was pretty shittastic. The obvious reason would be the temperature or the god awful Chicago humidity. Or we could blame the Flyers for going on the ice for morning skate before it was done. Toews and Kane seemed to have picked up their play a bit from game one. I would say Toews more than Kane, he had a few opportunities in the first. Hawks on the powerplay again with Richards to the box for hooking. Niemi had a huge save on a Richards breakaway. Sharp a little late on passing the puck to Keith and Madden failed on the rebound off Keith's shot. Scuffling took place by the Hawks net and Keith's helmet was taken off by Carcillo. So do you hate him yet? I'm sure you will by the end of the series. Hossa came so close to a goal with a one timer. Niemi grabbed Ashams quick shot with his glove. Flyers put the pressure on late in the period. As soon as the pressure started it was diminished when the Hawks exploded. Hossa finally got what he deserved, a goal. Great play by everyone to put the Hawks up one. Seconds later an unexpected goal by Eager put them up 2-0. Brouwer ended the period by getting called for roughing. The second ended with the conclusion that Niemi's glove is a gift from god. And it was a big reason there was a zero next to the Flyers on the scoreboard.


The Hawks started the third on a power kill. Gagne got the Flyers first and only goal on the night. He scored one second left on the pp and it went off Seabrook. Sounds of the game: Burish to Carcillo on hitting his own teammate: "Is that your first big hit of the year?" Well, yes actually.

Kane and Hossa had the closest opportunities of the third. Eager had an absolutely massive hit. The Flyers were inches away from a tie. Niemi's legs/pads flew all over the place and he closed it down. The Flyer's had certainly awakened and the Hawks were holding on by a thread. Sharp went in for an empty netter and HIT IT OFF THE POST! How? What? Why? But the Hawks made it through the nerve racking last few minutes. HAWKS WIN! Game two 2-1! They have a 2-0 lead in the series. The number is down to two but like Duncs said in his on the ice interview, two games is far away. Niemi had his number one star of the night interview but was silenced by the crowd chanting his name.

A couple classless Pronger moments:

Pronger was caught taking souvenir pucks from the ice

Pronger and Eager catch up after Hawks win

Post game interviews:




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  1. My love for Burish gets stronger every day. It was a great idea to put microphone on Burish and Carcillo.

  2. Whoever gave them a microphone is a genius.