Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Niemi and Buff take over BC


Scratches: Brouwer, Fraser, Bickell, and Boynton.
Seabs interview: I don't think Seabrook was really feeling the interview, didn't seem too happy.
National Anthem: Actually this really isn't even worth mentioning.
And unfortunately, no green men.

1st period:

Hawks went straight to the pk, with Kopecky in the box, for too many men on the ice. Now 4 on 4, Hossa with a nice play drew a hooking penalty (Demitra). Hossa did the work on a goal for Versteeg to put the Hawk on top 1-0! Even Bieska helped on that one. Hansen with a breakaway which led to a big save by Niemi. Sharp started the shit talking trend after he was called for tripping. Vancouver all over the Hawks zone and Niemi during the powerplay. Hawks get out of the pp without any damage thanks to Niemi. Niemi lost his stick and used Sopel's. Extremely close chances for the Canucks and Extremely good saves by Niemi. The last five minutes were just full of Niemi says no. He is even spotted fist pumping after a few of them. As far as I know, it's Niemi's ice and the Canucks are just skating on it. Okay, this may sound repetitive but damn NIEMI! Niemi's saves are great fun and all but it's time for the puck to get out of the zone. Kesler called for tripping. Eager and Burish leaned over the bench whispering sweet nothings into Burrows' ear. Big Buff with a powerplay goal 2-0 Hawks! Quickly after, Buff is called for interference clearly not happy about it. Sedin and Bolland got into it with a few little slaps. The real hits came from the box when they threw some verbals back and forth, then Bolland lands the last hit by pointing to the scoreboard. Apparently, math is a tough one for hockey players, too many men on the ice for Vancouver. Period ends with a Hawks pp coming up. Shots: 16-12 Van.

Intermission: Buff interview

2nd period:

This time the same creepy Sedin went after Versteeg but nothing came of it. Madden almost got one in but shot it wide. Sedin snow shower on Niemi. You are not Burish. You are not Eager. And you are not cool. However, you are creepy. The parade of shit talking continued with Bolland and Seabs gave Bieksa the don't even try look. Hossa lost his helmet and was flying all over the ice. Hansen made up for his failed chance in the first by getting the Canucks first goal. Then he went to talk crap to Eager afterwards. Would of been a great night for a mic'd up player, as another scuffle erupted. Buff not only gave words to the Canucks but the refs too. Burrows got called for unsportsmanlike. Buff got his second and the Hawks third goal! Burrows came out of the box and Duncs went over to let him know it was now 3-1 Hawks. The celebration was the real highlight of the goal: Buff went along the glass facing the Canucks fans with his arms stretched out. Classic. O'Brien called for holding Sharpy, some just can't resist the sexiest athlete. You could say the Hawks started to get in Vancouver's head. O'Brien ended up on top of Toews, accidental or intentional? He did just get called for hugging Sharp, I mean holding Sharp. Burrows scored for Vancouver 3-2. That ended the second, shots 25-22 Canucks.

Intermission: Bolland interview

3rd period:

Campbell with a close shot, almost had it but Lu matched his good shot with a good save. Buff once again in the center of the drama, he could be cast on the Hills. He got called for roughing, while taking on two Canucks. Hossa with the all important fourth goal! His first goal of the series. This may come as a surprise because well, it is. Hendry had a nice hit on Raymond. Keyword: nice used in the same sentence as Hendry. Boom! 5-2 Hawks! But who was it Kane or Buff. At first they gave it to Kane so that meant no hat trick for Buff. Soon after the game it officially went to BIG BUFF! Cue Seabs:

HAT TRICK BOOYAH! (two minutes in)

A cluster of Hawks and Canucks in front of the bench hugging each other and having polite conversations. Say goodbye to
the Hair puller and Bolland. Hawks powerplayk, wellwood penalty. Hawks win 5-2 by playing hockey and the Canucks lose
5-2 by being classless. Hawks now lead the series 2-1!


Bieksa went after Buff right when the game ended and guess who comes skating right into it? Burish, of course.
Fans started throwing trash on the ice.
Hossa interview.
Coach Q speaks french.
And the post-game announcer used the phrase "face raped."


  1. Man, I was really hoping to see the Green Men. I hope they're at the next game.

  2. Well, you're in luck! They just announced they will for sure be at the next game.

  3. I heard "face raped" too the first time. Had to DVR back to hear Konroyd actually say "he got his face scraped"... annunciate Steve!

  4. Ahhh, okay. haha That's really good to know!

  5. i have a lot of respect for canadians because of hockey & all & i thought the canadian anthem was amazing at GM place! american one.. .not so much.