Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Number 10 on his back, Hey it's Sharp Attack!

On today's Sharp Attack:

On turning WGN's mark suppelsa's crank: "I was playing hockey, I wasn't turning any cranks."

On his shot off Lu's head: "Wake him up a little bit or scare him a little bit either way so I thought it was good shot."

On his shot off Lu's head: "The only thing that would of been better if the puck would of rolled in after that but we'll take the shot off the neck thats for sure."

On laughing at the guy on Kopecky:"I thought I would just laugh at the guy and let him know he's a big joke out there."

On the belt: "I passed it off to my boy Kris Versteeg."

On Vince Vaughn: "He's jumping up and screaming for us."

On his playoff beard: "I got yelled at by my dad and my mom last night, their not happy with the way I'm looking on TV."

On calls from his parents: "I get not daily comments but let's say weekly comments on how I'm looking."

Listen to the whole thing: here

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