Sunday, May 30, 2010

Post game reactions





Coach Q:

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Post game from @CSNChi_Beatnik:

-Versteeg: "We're happy to win but not happy with how we performed."

-Versteeg said that at 2nd intermission, the message was "if we're not going to play our game, we might as well pack it up."

-Duncan Keith, asked if he was upset that Blackhawks gave up five goals: "Yeah, but [the Flyers] gave up 6. Sometimes the game is like that"

-Hjalmarsson on warmups: "We stepped out on ice and it was best feeling in my body in my whole life. I felt shellshocked over my whole body"

-Honest, adorable, funny admission fr Niemi before he dashed off to shower: "In the third I was pretty much waiting for the end of the game"

-Sharp with a classic: "When it was right around 4-3, 4-4, I looked up and said "What is going on out there?"

-Sharp on Hossa: "Marian was our best F out there tonight. If you just focus on his [goals] watch a tape of G1 to see impact he can make"

-Versteeg on warmups: "That was nuts! I couldn't hear Cornelison. I had chills. That beat even the Winter Classic."

-Kopy laughed when asked about going bongo on boards after scoring "I got stuck in the ice, a woman was banging back, so I just kept going"

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