Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Preview: Hawks vs Canucks late night

Check out this classy, mature, and original front page story of a Vancouver Newspaper:

Blackhawks vs Canucks
8:30 pm


"Kris Versteeg: “Me. It’s got a little “Just For Men” in it, I’m not going to lie. But it’s got to be the thickest next to Andrew Ladd, who has had a beard since he was 12 years old.”"

O'Brien: "I'm not going to respond to that guy. Maybe I should've called him a weasel or a rat. Maybe 'meat' was the wrong thing to say. But I wasn't giving a compliment, that's for sure."

Burish: "After seeing that Game 1 and knowing I was going to come back in Game 2, it was like all right, this could be great. I hope I can bring something special to these guys. I get a sense when I'm in the locker room and on the ice that guys do get excited from that energy."

Brouwer: “My dad’s always got a few pointers and my mom was the messenger."

Brouwer: “Finish more checks and win my battles in the corners. That’s what he wanted me to do more of after that game. No matter what condition he’s in, he’s always going to want what’s best for me.”

Brouwer: “I’ve talked to him a few times on the phone and he wants to see me, but he also knows it’s an important time of the year and he wants me to be with my team and do what it takes to win.”

Brouwer: “He’ll be all right. We’re not quite sure to what extent his recovery will be — time will tell.”

Campbell on Burish and Eager:

"Well, you gotta stop. You're not allowed to hit the goaltender, so those guys had to stop right away."

"Sometimes you can't move the spray out of the way. We definitely heard a warning from the ref, he came to me and told me to pass the message along to the two culprits there. But those two guys, we love having them in there, in the lineup, and it was a little chuckle. But I don't think any team really can afford to do that, because you don't want to take a penalty, and I imagine the next time it's going to be called.

"We just found that Ben's a lot better at trajectorying his snow. Adam missed and it went over [Luongo's] left shoulder. Ben got him a lot better, so we have to talk about that."

Keith: "I don't think anyone really gets on your nerves when you're in the penalty box. It's kind of funny when they're talking to you. You can tell they get excited about it.

Keith: "I saw it on TV, the 'Green Guys,' or whatever they are. It's pretty funny."

Burish: "I think it's cool, yeah. I think it's awesome. That stuff is fun. I think it's great for the game. Maybe I can slide over there and spray them with some snow."

Burish: "I guess you can say we're meat. I think he's 260 pounds, so we're not that heavy. I know what he meant. We put a couple of physical guys back in the lineup, some guys that like some confrontation. Great. You want to call (me) meat, I don't care. You can call me handsome if you want, too. That's fine. I think it's no secret us going into the lineup. I think I had 10 warnings from the officials saying don't do this, don't do that."

Burish: "You can tell when a guy is intentionally ignoring you. They're not deaf. They hear what I'm saying, they see what I'm doing. If I'm going to run one of their D-men or get in Luongo's face, whatever it may be, they can say they're ignoring it. But it's there, they're watching it.

Burish: "Whatever approach they want to take, I don't care. If they want to ignore me, if they want to engage with me, if they want to hit me back, if they want to punch me, I don't care, really, what they want to do. I'm going to continue to do what I think is going to help us."

Bettman: "The Blackhawks are interested in as many league events as they can get. Obviously this is a great city. We had a wonderful Winter Classic here [in 2009], and we're mindful of that. From our standpoint, it's more of a question of having a limited number of assets to allocate over 30 clubs, and we're trying to be fair and judicious in doing that.

"5. Brent Sopel, Chicago Blackhawks: Last season, Sopel didn't dress for a single playoff game. He was a spare part. Credit the 33-year-old veteran for working hard this season to get back in the good graces of Blackhawks coach Joel Quenneville. Sopel ranks third among all blueliners with 27 blocked shots in the playoffs, a key contributor to the team's penalty-killing units. His ice time has jumped from 14 minutes, 51 seconds per game in the regular season to 18:32 in the playoffs. Who saw that coming? So far, he's an unsung hero for the Hawks."

"Apparently Ben Eager and a few other Blackhawk players forgot their passports and had to turn around and head back into the city before returning to O'Hare Field."

Wellwood: "I'm not American. But whenever the crowd gets going like that, you definitely feel an extra surge of energy, a buzz."

Sedin: "You have to treat it as yourself getting pumped up, too. It's a great crowd to play in front of. The national anthem is great a feeling to be out there."

Keith: “I thought we were better prepared mentally for this game, and I think that helped in not panicking and staying with it."

Campbell: “I don’t think we stuck with our game plan in Game 1 which really hurt us. Even when we got down [Monday], we kept pursuing and staying with it.”

Coach Q: “I think we worked ourselves back to where we’re playing the way we have to play to be successful."

"Building a new station, even along existing track infrastructure, costs millions of dollars and CTA does not have capital funding available for a stop there."

Luongo: "Why would something like that bother me? It's water. Actually it's kind of nice sometimes when you're over-heating to get a little bit of snow on your face just so you can cool off a little bit. It doesn't bother me. There's no point. Why would it? It doesn't make sense to me."

Classic Burish: “I don't think it's disrespectful. It sucks to get hit and I hate to get punched in the face in a fight, but it's part of the game, part of the gamesmanship. It goes with the territory. If you can't handle it, then try figure skating.”

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  1. that kane article is pretty funny. its just a joke. they meant nothing of it. Even being a blackhawks/kane fan i can laugh over that.

  2. I'm sorry but I think it's way over done to the point were it's not even funny. I mean come up with something new already.