Monday, May 3, 2010

Preview: Hawks vs Canucks

Blackhawks vs Canucks
8:00 p.m.

Articles on tonight's game:

"According to a source familiar with the situation, the Canucks might see Adam Burish return after a one-game hiatus and Dustin Byfuglien move back to defense after playing wing for a game. The Hawks are 3-0 with Burish in the lineup this postseason, and 1-3 without him. Byfuglien’s move back to defense doesn’t preclude him from setting up camp in the crease while the Hawks are on the power play."

Burish: "I don't think it's a secret that when I get back in the lineup what I'll bring and what I provide. I think that's something that's important at playoff time."

Burish: "I hope when I am in there, they all say "I hate playing against this guy. He pisses me off every time he's in the lineup." I think I can provide that and bring that."

"For those of you who are as superstitious as most hockey players, here’s a bad omen:The Fratellis, the band that recorded the song “Chelsea Dagger’’ that resounds in the United Center when the Hawks score and the song that makes the Canucks sick, broke up last week, as confirmed on the band’s Web site."

"Again, this might be panic, yank-the-goalie time for any other team coached by Bruce Boudreau facing a tough opponent in a conference semifinal. But Chicago's always understood Niemi better than anyone else. Efforts that may have caused some to question his status as starter were brushed off with nary a concern. His Game 1 flop against the Vancouver Canucks earned a little more scrutiny than usual, but Coach Joel Quenneville is confident that every down for the rookie has an up, endorsing him as the Game 2 starter:"

Sopel: "It was a frustrating first period. Obviously, as a leader, I can't have that, letting my team down the way I did. I'll be ready for next game."

Sopel: "They brought me here for experience. On this team, they're all babies. My kids are closer to their age than I am. But it's fun to come to the rink and hear their stories. I get a lot of questions asked, especially around playoff time."

Burish: "Maybe it's running him sometimes. Maybe it's spraying snow in his face."

Luongo: "I'm not going to get into any responses with the other team. That's part of the game. They do what they've got to do. Stuff like that isn't going to get me off my game. I just focus what I have to do out there."

Kane: "I would say they're watching that, for sure. How could they not, especially with what went on last year? They know the rivalry's going to be there between Buff and Lou, so it's one of those things I'm sure they're watching. I thought Buff did a really good job last game of just staying in front of him and staying out of the crease. Obviously you don't want to take a penalty when you're on the power play in that situation."

-There is going to be a new Cabbie video with the Hawks!:

Cabbie's Twitter:

Went to Chicago Blackhawks skate this morning. Got awesome clips, including a convo about Patrick Kane's hair. Stay tuned!

Thank you for your questions! Most asked about Kane's mullet, he talks about it. Also, we talk about his "bromance". Stay tuned.

We all remember last year's video:

Non-Blackhawks but one of my personal favorites (hilarious!):

-In other news, Justin Bieber will be throwing out the first pitch at the White Sox game tonight.

-In future news, Buehrle tops his play from opening day by throwing back the Bieber's first pitch and hitting him in the face.


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