Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Preview: Lets finish it!

Blackhawks vs Canucks
8:30 pm (basically means it won't start till 9)

Burish and O'Brien got caught in a little verbal fight today. O'Brien came out of it sounding like a douchebag, while Burish came out of it sounding hilarious as always:

Burish: "I'm not going near that thing. What if it pops? I don't know."

O'Brien: "The Stanley Cup is the best thing to win in the world, but I think you draw the line there if a guy gets one in the family jewels. But who knows, Burish, that rat, he might try to do it." (rat? good one O'Brien...)

Then O'Brien was told that Burish said he wouldn't hit Salo there:

"You're going to trust Burish, eh? That's your first mistake. If he did rub up against him, that would be Burish's first hit of the series."

Burish's biggest revenge would be to finish the Canucks off tonight.

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-Nothing better than a Seabrook Interview!:

"Q: There wasn't a lot of pressure on you to win in Game 5, but do you feel it more now?

Seabrook: Yeah, absolutely. There is pressure throughout the playoffs. It would have been nice to get the victory in Chicago to close them out, but they're a great team. We have to have a way better effort than we did the other night."

I know you are just dying to read the more, go here

-If you thought you couldn't hate the Canucks any more than you do now, you are wrong.
Just watch:

-Love the Blackhawks, Love Vince Vaughn, and Love movies?
Well, you're in luck:

"Here’s something novel from legendary director Ron Howard: a new comedy. And a Chicago Blackhawks-themed open casting call for the film, which is unofficially called “Cheaters,” is coming to Chicago on May 22, 2010. Information about the casting call can be found below."

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