Saturday, May 29, 2010

Three is a tiny number, but it ain't an easy one.

The ice is repainted with the word 'final', a shit load of media is here, and the new patches are on the jerseys. It's the Stanley Cup Finals!

The gates opened early for the lucky ones who were able to catch the game at the UC (I wasn't a lucky one). Madison street was shut down. Every one was in their seats for warm-ups, which is rare. The boys took the ice to a standing ovation by a sea of red. Pierre Mcguire did his too close for comfort interviews. He had two pre-game victims: Buff and Keith. The anthem shook the madhouse and so did Seabs helmet resistant hair in the starters line-up. Game Time!

As the old saying goes a win is a win. It was crazy, sloppy, messy, and a whole lot of back and forth. It was an emotional roller coaster.

The Flyers took the lead first with a goal be Leino, but Brouwer quickly responded with a goal of his own just mins after. Bolland also scored for the Hawks but it wasn't enough to keep them on top. Hartnell, the red head with a whole lot of hair, got a powerplay goal. Speaking of powerplays, the Hawks gave the Flyers three in the first. The Hawks might not have been helping themselves on those but the refs weren't helping either. They put Campbell in the box during the first when Hammer was the one with the highstick. The bad officiating didn't stop in the first. The Flyers end the period with a 3-2 lead, Briere had a wrist shot with seconds left. The Hawks proved in the first that the Buff/Pronger match up was not just hype. Those boys went at it the whole time with constant shoving and bickering. They didn't disappoint.

The rest of the game continued almost the same way. They would score, we would score. We would score, they would score. It was nerve racking and heart attack inducing to the max. Between both teams they ended up scoring eleven goals. Sharp, Versteeg, and Kopecky all had goals for the Hawks. Brouwer added a second one to the score also. Kopecky's was one for the rewind button because of the celebration. He went to the glass and shook his arms as if he was having a temper tantrum. The usual stars were quiet on the scoring front tonight. Toews ended his point streak and Kane struggled with some bad plays. Hossa may not be lighting up the score board but is contributing in big ways. He had two assists tonight. As for the goalies, lets just say it wasn't their night. Leighton was replaced by Boucher after a Brouwer Power goal. For Niemi, he said fewer no's then usual but shut it down in the third.

The not so cool moments came with the refs. Seabs, who already had a cut above his eye from earlier in the game, was hit in the face again by a stick. It was more of a slap stick to the face. There was no call. Bullshit if you ask me. Apparently, Seabs thought so too when he tried explaining to the refs he had been hit. Anytime someone tries to hit Seabs face should just get an automatic penalty. The rest of the not too good, Hawks had zero powerplays and the Flyers had four. Burish had a stupid boarding call in the second. Hawks can't afford to have any more bad turnovers and dumb penalties in game two. Hawks need to clean it up a whole lot for the rest of the series.

The NBC Fails were present as always. The intermissions are just unbearable with Pierre and Milbury. SNL really needs to realize the comedy gold they have with those two. A skit on them would be priceless.

The Hawks and Hawks fans need to take a breather sunday. Game one felt like a series.

Final message:

That means three to go!
Three is such a tiny number!

post-game reactions and photos later!


  1. Oh I was so mad about the stick in Seabs's face! And then there was another missed call in the third but I can't remember what it was.

    As for NBC coverage, it sucks, yeah. McGuire is super creepy and Millbury is no better. But I think it was bearable and there is only one reason for that. Ryan Miller. He was so natural, like he was just made to be on Tv and not to be a goalie. And unlike those two, he actually knew what he was talking about. The other two should just be quiet and let him speak.

  2. Yeah, I thought Miller was definitely refreshing because he had real insight. I felt bad for him stuck between those two.