Sunday, May 9, 2010

Tuesday in Vancouver

Pre-game: If you can't win it for yourselves then win it for the moms!
Interview with Campbell's mom.
Scratches: The usual Brouwer, Fraser, Boynton, and Bickell.
An epic/emotional video.
The national anthem was crazy loud as always but that was the last time the crowd made a noise the entire game.


59 seconds in, the Canucks got on the board first with an Ehrhoff goal. Toews made a solid, quick shot at the net but Lu blocked it. Canucks had a turnover to Bolland but he loves making it easy for Lu and served it right to him. Burrows got called for tripping Duncs but to be honest Duncs just lost his balance. Hawks went to the powerplay and it looked like shit. Kane missed the net on a good opportunity. After that, Eager was smirking and yapping at the Canucks. Hawks had plenty of shots but Lu also had plenty of blocks. Lu with no stick but Hawks couldn't take advantage because Hossa was called for Hooking. Hawks killed the plenty then Niemi lost the rebound but found it before the Canucks could come around. Hawks might lack in the powerplay department but they're spot on with the plenty kill, the Canucks had 0 shots during their pp. The Canucks and Bieska shot another hole into the heart of the Hawks and Hawks fans. The sad part is they had two goals on five shots. Duncs shot one not into the heart of Salo but somewhere just as bad. The first ended with him laid out on the ice. Shots: 11-7 Hawks.

Intermission: Sharp interview
Kane's mom interview.
Cute short segments of players with their moms.


Second started with a Hawks powerplay from a hooking penalty late in the first. Sharp had a solid chance with a Vancouver turnover but Lu continued to be on his game. Next, the ice literally turned red when O'Brien was hit by Buff's stick. The blood was just pouring out, not pretty sight. The Canucks were now down two D men. Buff called for Slashing and Bieksa scored a powerplay goal. That was the third goal for Vancouver, just as ugly as the blood. The cut didn't stop from O'Brien coming back out on the ice. I think they should of been more worried about the crowd, who was completely unconscious. Not even breathing let alone moving. Eager tried to put some energy in the UC with little scuffle. Eager wasn't the only one, Ladd and Seabs also tried with some tag team action in front of the net. The physical play seen from the previous games was lacking. Buff off to the box with unsportsmanlike conduct but of course no call on the Vancouver player who was involved too. Niemi showed Lu he can also make some nice saves. The Canucks had a very clear trip but no call. Bullshit. Hawks getting shutout 3-0 at the end of the second. Shots 22-16 Hawks.

Intermission: Salo was taken to the hospital for a ruptured testicle. No joke. There is already a twitter account and a facebook page for it.
Oh, yeah there is a History will be made commercial too:


Niemi with a hooking penalty, Ladd served it for him. Steeger actually started talking shit to Lu. Hawks powerplay (holding), this would of been a great time to do something, anything. Seabs with a dive, that's called playing like you want it. Big play, saved a breakaway attempt. 4 on 4, Eager and O'Brien penalties. The Hawks must not like playing well in front of their parents. First the Father's trip now Mother's Day. Good job at making your parents proud. Toews! Captain got the Hawks first goal and only goal of the game. There was a cheap unseen crosscheck on Toews after he scored. Toews now leads the NHL playoffs in scoring with 19 points. Hossa to the box again (highstick), he is now calling the box home. Empty net for the Hawks, 2 mins left. Vancouver scored one last time to finish the game 4-1. Hawks failed to close the series now back to Vancouver.

Post-game comments:

Versteeg: "We know we can be better. We know we have to get back to basics. 2 goals at the start isn't what we want to do."

More Steeger: "We were a little too fancy. We didn't have enough guys in front of the net. We need to go out and get pucks to the net."

Toews post: "We knew their team wasn't going to back down. We'll watch some video tomorrow, and get ticked off about it."

More Toews: "I don't know if we are waiting for 'someone else' to do it, but we all have to be accountable and do what it takes to win."

O'Brien on cut: "I knew I was alright, it wasn't my eye...more worried whether I could still be an underwear model when my career is over"

O'Brien on Eager: "He was trying pretty hard to get me going. He got me in the jaw pretty good."

Shane O'Brien, on 6-stitch gash: "The chicks dig it. I've gotten 9 stitches in minors. My mom wants me to wear a visor. Maybe she's right"

Post-game videos:



Coach Q




  1. So it's no longer true the Hawks are invincible with Burish in the lineup. Nevermind, we'll get them next time (hopefully).

  2. Keyword: hopefully! But yeah, I'm curious if Burish or Eager will even be in the line-up tomorrow.