Sunday, May 23, 2010

Western Conference Champs


Sharks were wearing rally caps. Like that was going to help them.
Big Buff interview
Vince Vaughn was in attendance again so was John Cusack.
Toews got up close and personal with Pierre for an interview.


Toews shown on the bench getting colorful after Hendry was called for holding. Toews was working everyone on the pk, even took on 3 guys at once. His effort was unbelievable. Niemi was also solid on the pk and all the boys were helping him out. Couture got the Sharks on the board first by getting it up high on Niemi and passed Duncs/Seabs. Ladd was missing in action when he went to the dressing room from a Marleau hit. Coach Q said he should be fine. Hawks only had one shot on goal with 6 mins left in the first. Eager wasn't too happy with Couture scoring so he had a big hit on him in the corner. Campbell went in for one and Hossa almost got the rebound in front of the net. Hawks picked it up late in the first. They dominated the Sharks net for a crazy couple of mins. The period ended with the Sharks still on top by one. Shots were even at 7-7.


Ladd was not on the bench to start the second. Hossa still tried desperately to get a goal, this time on a turnover but no dice. Couture got rocked again by Buff this time. Hawks went on to the powerplay that resulted in a goal by damn Marleau. During the Marleau goal, Duncs was hit in the mouth by a puck. Ouch! Eager had a few monstrous hits throughout the game. Seabs was with Hammer while Duncs got his mouth taken care of. Heatley to the box for hooking. Hawks scrambled in front of the net, Toews called for crosschecking. Toews was pissed. He was basically pissed the whole game. Seabs shot got in the net but the ref called no goal. Even though it clearly went across the line. It eventually got reviewed and good goal. SEABROOKKKKKK!!!! The funny thing is the ref was all over that goal, he definitely saw that. Sopel's back stepped up big tonight with great blocks. Duncs came back out on the ice. He probably just wanted to celebrate with Seabs. He lost SEVEN teeth. What a Badass. BOLLAND! Tied it 2-2 with a huge goal! Even game at the end of the second.


Niemi hung on to Setoguchi's shot that went off the crossbar. Madden, another guy who can't seem to score, shot it right to Nabby. Hawks powerplay, delay of game on Boyle. Hawks fired some hard shots. Toews was taken down from behind and drew a penalty on Clowe. Later, the Hawks went to another powerplay when Heatley broke Kane's stick. A few quick chances by Hossa, Kane, and Hossa. BIGGG BUFFF! 3-2 Hawks! Toews extended his point streak to thirteen games. Poor Hossa still couldn't get one in on a 2 0n 1 with Brouwer. I can't really tell you what happen in the last few minutes, they were soo incredibly amazing! A min and a half left, Sharks empty net. VERSTEEG scored an empty netter! The bench went insane and on the ice Bolland gave Seabs a glove to the face. HAWKS WIN! HAWKS WIN! HAWKS WIN! On to the STANLEY CUP FINALS! The Blackhawks are the WESTERN CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS!


Handshakes and trophy ceremony.
Toews interview with a brand new hat.
Seabs on Duncs smile: "Looks even uglier."
Duncs showed off his teeth to the camera then winked.
The man crushes on Duncs after that interview rose to Sharpy level.
Duncs: "I took one breath and it felt like my whole mouth was missing so I knew there were some teeth gone. I saw a couple fall out and I had one in the back of my throat. I could feel it and coughed it out. A bunch of them disintegrated it felt like."
Sharp: "I told him it's kind of a blessing in disguise because now he's going to get some nice fake teeth. He's going to have a great smile in a couple weeks. That's playoff hockey (written) all over it. A guy takes one in the face, picking out his teeth in the locker room (and) comes back. He assisted on the Bolland goal there, created the whole goal there by taking a big hit. He's walking around, skating around the ice, talking to us before the power play, mumbling what we were supposed to do. I don't think anybody understood what he was talking about."

Toews accepts the bowl


Post-game Videos:








Coach Q

NBC Fail:

I wonder who NBC was rooting for? They were completely one sided, even have to throw Eddie O in there with them. He sucks on national TV.
NBC: "First time we've seen any emotion from the Hawks in the series."
NBC: "Ladd is replaceable."
NBC: "I think Chicago needs to take a page out of San Jose's book."
So basically NBC sucks.


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