Saturday, June 19, 2010

Another Slow News Day

No news can be good news, means no one is getting traded. On the other hand, there's nothing new on the Hawks and the withdrawal continues.

Speaking of trades, more talk on the Hawks offseason changes. Keyword: talk, it's all just talk:

-The latest rumor is Ladd/Sopel for Dustin Jeffrey of the Pittsburgh Penguins: Bleacher Report: Let's Make a Deal More from Bleacher Report: Blackhawks Getting Help From Central Division Moves?

-TSN's Scott Cullen took an in-depth look at the Blackhawks and their offseason you can read the long article here.'s latest headline uses the words shake-up and Blackhawks. That's comforting: Blackhawks, Sharks expected to shake up rosters.

-The Chicago Tribune really dug deep and pointed out the most important decision for the Hawks this offseason: Which set of teeth or non teeth will Duncs pick?

I think I'm gonna go with the natural look. No teeth. It adds character.

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