Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Around the UC:

-Not only was game two a big success for the Hawks but for NBC also. It was the best overnight rating for a game two in the Stanley cup finals.
For more on the ratings checks out these articles:

-With game three just a day away, here are a few last minute reads from game two:

-The new Eager history will be made commercial is great and all but with so many commercials out there now, it is time to get creative.

More than a few people can agree to this with all the spoofs on Youtube but this one was a standout for many reasons.

One of the main reasons has to be is this moment in history will never get old:

-Now is the time to look ahead to the last (hopefully) two games, which are in Philly. The Hawks are looking to make Philly home like they have done throughout the playoffs with other opposing teams.

If you were like me and hoping for a chance to watch the away games at UC, you can stop now because it's not gonna happen. ESPNChicago made it short and clear: "The Chicago Blackhawks will not hold a viewing party at the United Center for Games 3 and 4 of the Stanley Cup finals." (source)

There are endless reasons to why the Hawks win on the road but instead of thinking of every reason Jesse Rogers cut it down to five:

-Mario Kart

For a more in depth look at the five reasons go here: Five reasons Hawks win on the road

Several Hawks took the podium this afternoon to discuss the upcoming games:

Watch the Seabrook, Madden, Coach Q, Bolland, Eager, and Sharp press conferences: here

If you prefer to read what they had to say go here: Hawks quotes from Tuesday interviews

-The redeye took the time to name some of the Hawks beards.
Quick look at a few of them:

Toews: The Amish
Niemi: The Finnish Facial
Keith: The Gap Filler
Sharp: The GQ
Sopel: The 10,000 B.C.

To see the rest go here

-The Seabrook's and Keith's are coming to town to support the boys.

Keith Seabrook (seabs' brother): "I'm definitely very proud of him and can't wait to go and support him."

Keith Seabrook: "I think it would be fun to play with him but I think it would be even more fun to play against him. That brotherly camaraderie at will come back in. That fight in us will come out."

Seabrook's Dad: "Unbelievable. It's every Canadian's dream to have a sip of champagne out of the Stanley answer Cup."

Read more on the Seabrooks here: Supportive Seabrook happy to cheer in stands

On to the Keith family...

Keith's dad: "It has been sort of like a long train ride when your kid starts out in hockey at four years old. When you think of the whole route and now playing for the Stanley Cup, that is something else."

-At the beginning of each series, we pick the guys we are going to hate. The Flyers have really made it too easy for us (Pronger and Carcillo).

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-CBC recently showed and proved why NBC really sucks with their Game One opening:

-Lastly, check out Hockey Broads absolutely gorgeous photo of the Chicago skyline Hawks style: here

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  1. That Carcillo commercial is hilarious.
    Let's go Hawks!