Saturday, June 12, 2010

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-Let's be honest the Crosstown Classic isn't that exciting this year with both teams sucking. So the only way to spice it up this year is to add some Blackhawks in the mix. They're all over Chicago these past few days, so why not stop by Wrigley. Some of the players will throw out the first pitch and sing 'Take me out to the ball game.' Jim Cornelison will also be in attendance to sing the national anthem. Oh and go White Sox!

-After winning the Cup, Burish gave an interview calling Pronger an idiot. Pronger recently responded to Burish's comment and gave Hawks fans another reason to hate him:

Pronger: "comment on people who aren't really around and just want five minutes of fame."

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For coverage on the Hawks including photos, videos, and articles go to NBCChicago.

-Speaking of Pronger, the game winning puck is missing. The Hawks have no idea what happened to it:

Kane: "I don't know where it is. It would be nice to find that one."

Kane: "It's something you probably want to get your hands on for sure. A memory like that is something I'll never forget. It would be fun to have some things you'd look back on and remember."

Read more about the mystery here

-Monday night must watch: The big four, Toews/Kane/Keith/Seabrook will be on Jay Leno Monday night! Their new best friend, the Cup will be there too!

-We knew this was going to happen. The media has already started talking about splitting up the most perfect team ever. If you would like to ruin your high from winning the Cup, read these:

-The Hawks met with the media today and cleaned out their lockers. Apparently, the Hawks looked a little rough like they've been partying for 72 hours straight.

News from Today:

Hossa and Ladd admitted that they were hurt during the Stanley Cup Finals.
Hossa: "In Game 1, I sprained my MCL, so it was kind of a little difficult. But you don't feel the pain as much compared to if you lose, it would be more painful."
Ladd: "It was frozen up. We tried pretty much everything. I'd get to the rink at eight in the morning and probably get home at eight at night, doing all sorts of different things. I was going to make sure I got back."
Ladd on surgery: "It's tough to judge with the fracture. They can't really see how the tear is, we have to see how it settles down. Hopefully everything heals up by rehabbing it for a month."

From @ChrisKuc

Kane on winning goal: "I've probably watched the clip on Youtube 50 times already."
Madden on next season: "I’d love to come back but who knows what’s going to happen."
Coach Q on the Parade: "It was the coolest thing I've ever seen."
Kane on the last couple of days: "A lot of stories but I'm not going to tell you."
I can only describe the Blackhawks Dustin Byfuglien as "wrecked" during final interview. I asked if he needed two Advil: "Yes, sir."

Blackhawks GM Stan Bowman said Kim Johnsson just wasn't able to recover from his concussion. (Still thinks it's a little weird he hasn't even been seen with the guys but oh well)

Buff starts at wing next year! Niemi getting raise!
Oh. and they finally said the word concussion and johnsson in same sentence
forgot..seabs said today that he and wiz patched things up

-Coach Q had a surprise left all over his house and lawn when he came back from Philly. He got tee-peed:

-New Blackhawks TV Videos:

Stanley Cup Parade: Timelapse

Stanley Cup Parade: The Procession

Chicago Blackhawks: Join Together

What if 49 years of waiting didn't end?


  1. So it's really over huh? Thank you for your amazing work all season long. I wonder, will you post during summer too, on signings and stuff like that? I loved every single post from your blog, looking forward to next season.

    On Pronger: He's right. I love Burish, but I think he went too far on that one. It's okay to trashtalk while the series is in progress, but once you win you should keep your mouth shut and show some respect for your opoonent. Even if you're Burish. No, especially if you're Burish and you have three minutes of ice time per game and you're bashing a player like Pronger. He might be a douchebag and have no class but no one can say he's not one of the best d-men in nhl. And I've been talking about this with couple people and they say that's just the way Burish is. I know that but I still think he crossed that line and he showed he doesn't have much more class than Pronger himself.

  2. Thanks so much!! Yes, I will be posting during the summer. There is the convention, trades, and the traveling of the cup, so there should be plenty to blog about.

    I guess I can see where Burish is a little immature and I'm totally one of people who say, oh its just Burish. But I definitely see where you're coming from and he probably should of been saying something about winning and not about Pronger.

    and thanks again!